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Hands-On Social Marketing

Hands-On Social Marketing
A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Change for Good

Second Edition

December 2010 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Continuing the success of the previous edition, Hands-On Social Marketing, Second Edition demystifies the process of developing and implementing a social marketing campaign. The author translates the concepts of marketing into a clear, step-by-step process that almost anyone can follow. It will be indispensable to both students and practitioners in the fields of public health, social services, and health care communications.

Completely revised and updated, the Second Edition includes:

- Material related to the rise of the internet and social media has been added to reflect major changes in the way social marketing is being done.

- A new case study has been added to reflect current trends.

- More on the emotional component to marketing.

- More in-depth information on communications theory has been added

- More on ethics has been added

- More on current channels (social networking sites, online gaming, entertainment education) has been added

Section I. What Is Social Marketing?
Chapter 1 – Social Marketing Basics
Chapter 2 – Not Just Business as Usual
Chapter 3 – The Social Marketing Mix
Chapter 4 – The Social Marketing Process
Section II. Step 1: Analysis
Chapter 5 – Research in the Social Marketing Process
Chapter 6 – Analysis
Chapter 7 – Conducting Formative Research
Section III. Step 2: Strategy Development
Chapter 8 – Segmenting the Target Audience
Chapter 9 – Building the Social Marketing Strategy
Section IV. Step 3: Program and Communication Design
Chapter 10 – Influencing Behavior by Design
Chapter 11 – Developing Effective Messages
Chapter 12 – Identifying Appropriate Channels
Chapter 13 – Producing Creative Communications
Section V. Step 4: Pretesting
Chapter 14 – Pretesting Principles
Chapter 15 – Conducting the Pretest
Chapter 16 – Using the Pretesting Results
Section VI. Step 5: Implementation
Chapter 17 – Developing an Implementation Plan
Chapter 18 – Planning and Buying Traditional Media
Chapter 19 – Engaging in Social Media
Chapter 20 – Generating Publicity
Chapter 21 – Monitoring Implementation
Section VII. Step 6: Evaluation and Feedback
Chapter 22 – Evaluation Basics
Chapter 23 – Evaluation Design
Chapter 24 – Evaluation Methods
Chapter 25 – Using Feedback to Improve Your Program
Appendix A: Social Marketing Resource List
Appendix B: Sample Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors Survey
Appendix C: Sample Focus Group Recruitment Questionnaire
Appendix D: Sample Focus Group Topic Guide
Appendix E: Readability Testing Formula
About the Author

“The text is very user-friendly, and helps students grasp concepts and content related to social marketing. The systematic approach is easy for students to follow. The worksheets are fantastic, and the exercises are easy to implement. It is an excellent post-course reference guide for students working in public health/health education.”

Michele Vancour
Southern Connecticut State University

This book would be an even better resource if it an internet portal to help lecturers develop their learning materials. Other than that it is ideal for level 4 to 6.

Mr Alan Shaw
Business, Sheffield Hallam University
January 19, 2014

Almost exactly what we were looking for!

Professor Erica Irlbeck
Agri Ed Communications Dept, Texas Technology University
March 13, 2013

Good combination of theory and applied

Dr Pamela Rutledge
School Of Psychology, Fielding Graduate University
October 27, 2012

Excellent book with some insightful work on the area of social marketing. The author has done well to discuss some sensitive areas in what is essentially a new research area.

Mr Abdul Jabbar
Huddersfield University Business Schl, Huddersfield University
December 13, 2011

The book shows guild line for developing a social marketing program, but not much detail in concepts for understanding the social marketing. However, it should be useful for student to follow a very easy step-by-step to do the social marketing.

Dr Teerasak Jindabot
Business Administration , Prince of Songkla University
July 30, 2011

This book is a good book that gives valuable information about social marketing. I am considering using it as a supplement book in strategic marketing course.

Dr Rania Mostafa
Marketing and PR, Leeds Metropolitan University
May 4, 2011

The text is most appropriate for first year marketing students. It is an easy to follow guide that provides basic definitions of key concepts and a simple step by step action plan for students to design their own social marketing strategy. Best used in concert with another text that provides more in-depth consideration on social marketing.

Dr Corrie Lynn McDougall
Institute of History and International Studies, Aalborg University
March 22, 2011

Adopted as supplementary reading for leadership course. Very good primer with an application focus

Dr Patrick Lenihan
School of Public Health, University of Illinois Chicago
March 21, 2011

I liked this text. Practical information. Hope to use it in the future.

Mr Ron Staebell
Business Division, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
March 7, 2011

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