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Groupwork Practice for Social Workers

Groupwork Practice for Social Workers

December 2014 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Working with families, carers, groups and communities is something all social work students must prepare for. Written to guide you through these varied and complex groupwork situations, this book explores the knowledge, skills and values required for groupwork practice. Divided into two parts, the first provides an understanding of groupwork, its concepts and contexts, while the second takes you step-by-step through groupwork practice, from planning and preparation, to starting out, facilitating and finally ending work with a group.

Different service contexts including work with children, with users who have learning disabilities, in mental health settings, and more, are covered throughout the book, with case studies, activities and reflective opportunities helping you to understand the complexities of these contexts.

This text is a comprehensive and contemporary guide to groupwork in social work today.

Groupwork in context
Introducing groupwork
The context of groupwork
Understanding groupwork
Groupwork practice
Planning and preparation
Setting up and starting out
Facilitating – methods and techniques
Closure and endings – what next?
Enhancing groupwork practice

This book is great introduction for people new to groupwork, particularly in social work. It provides an informative history of groupwork, outlines key theories in groupwork practice, and is full of helpful examples and practical advice. The activities and discussion points will be especially useful for social work educators and students.

Dr Steve Kirkwood
Lecturer in Social Work, University of Edinburgh

It is good to see social groupwork back on the map with this book. Social workers who are planning to lead structured groups in contemporary social work settings will find many helpful ideas and practical tips in these pages.

Professor Mark Doel
Sheffield Hallam University, co-author of A-Z Groups and Groupwork and Chair of the International Committee of the International Association for Social Work with Groups

For the beginner to groupwork theory and practice, this is a valuable publication which covers many of the main issues experienced by practitioners when developing and delivering this type of social work intervention... Practice educators will find this a helpful resource to assist students they are working with to explore theories underpinning groupwork, presented in an easily accessible format. Social work educators will find the layout and format of the text helpful, as it lends itself well to introducing students to the key practical and theoretical issues to consider when establishing, delivering and evaluating groupwork as a social work intervention.

Joanne Westwood, University of Stirling
British Journal of Social Work

A good basic guide to groupwork

Mr Alan Marshall
Faculty of Education and Society, Sunderland University
July 5, 2016

A good, up to date overview of an underappreciated area of social work practice

Dr Robert J Hagan
Department of Sociology & Applied Social Studies, University of Ulster
July 22, 2016

This book is a good introduction for student social workers to get to grips with group work and provides the foundations. It outlines the key theories in groupwork practice, and provides helpful examples and practical advice. The activities and discussion points are also useful.

School of Human Sciences, Swansea University
February 19, 2016

Excellent book to guide students through complex group work situations, the book explores the knowledge, skills and values required for groupwork practice.
Of importance are the step-by-step guidelines on group work practice, from initiation to completion.

Ms Dee Ann Kearney
Social Studies, Liberties College
January 19, 2016

A great text, timely and applied SW text for our 2nd year BA in Social Work Understanding Group Dynamics module (SWK505).

Good clear incremental chapter structures - full of useful reflective activities, tables, diagrams, critical comment and recommended further reading - ideal key modular core text for anyone leading a group work dynamics modules.

Mr David Gaylard
Social Work Bishop Otter, Chichester University
June 25, 2015

This book is really easy to read and covers the key concepts and ideas about groupwork practice in a really accessible way

Mrs Emma Reith-Hall
Working with Children, Young People and Families, Newman University
February 18, 2015

This is an accessible and informative book which provides a good overview of group workwith clear links to practice.

Dr Gillian Constable
Division of Social Work, Glasgow Caledonian University
February 5, 2015