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Grading, Reporting, Graduating...and the Law

Grading, Reporting, Graduating...and the Law

April 2020 | 256 pages | Corwin

Your quick flipbook guide to grades, report cards, and graduation requirements 

The legal issues around grading, reporting, and graduating can be complex, and it is important that educators clearly understand them in order to implement best practices for students.


Written by teacher-turned-lawyer Miriam Kurtzig Freedman, this easy-to-read flipbook helps K-12 teachers and administrators gain confidence in how they implement and understand the legal requirements of grading, reporting, and graduating, and helps parents support their children in school. Readers will learn:

  • How to handle the legal requirements for accessible and valid grades, report cards, transcripts, honors, and    diplomas for all students, including those with disabilities
  • How to provide and receive honest feedback that inspires trust
  • How to explain legal requirements to colleagues, students, and parents in plain language

With its glossary and list of relevant case law, this handy and inspiring guide will help readers confidently handle difficult issues like graduation requirements, weighted grades, testing accommodations, modifications and adaptations, and more—freeing them to focus on better teaching and learning for all students.

About the Author
Author’s Acknowledgments
Introduction: You’re kidding! Another law book for educators and parents! We’ve had enough!
Chapter 1. What are the legal requirements for grades and report cards, and setting policy—for all students, general and special education?
Chapter 2. Getting more specific about grading policies and promotion/retention
Chapter 3. Graduation requirements: Graduation, ceremony, diplomas
Chapter 4. For students with disabilities: Section 504, ESSA, and the IDEA
Chapter 5. What are accommodations and modifications?
Chapter 6. Report cards, transcripts, honors, graduation, and diplomas: What’s okay?
Additional Resources
References and Cases

"Miriam Freedman's Grading, Reporting, Graduating...and the Law is a valuable resource for school administrators, special education teachers, general education teachers, and parents. She explains laws and regulations in an easy-to-read format with visuals and legal cases to drive home the important issues."

Jody O'Brien
Director of Student Services, Marlborough Public Schools, MA

"Read this. Keep it close at hand. Miriam has a knack for clear and simple explanations for the most perplexing issues related to special education. Her friendly and reassuring style coupled with easily understood examples make this a model for professional development.  This is a resource you will find yourself using frequently."

Mary Bevernick
Irvine Unified School District, CA

"In the practice of special education, grading, report cards, and graduation can be confusing and viewed as complex and “muddy”.  This little book proves practical, insightful, and straight forward guidance for all educators.  It is a quick, yet powerful read.  I use it as a resource to provide explanation and training to colleagues in the field.  Miriam does it again…leading us to a no-nonsense approach that steers clear of the mud."

Anne Delfosse
Executive Director, West Orange County Consortium for Special Education, CA

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