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Get Free

Get Free
Antibias Literacy Instruction for Stronger Readers, Writers, and Thinkers

First Edition

Foreword by Sonja Cherry-Paul, Aeriale Johnson, Anna Osborn, Kimberly N. Parker, and Tiana Silvas

January 2024 | 336 pages | Corwin

--School Library Journal, starred review

What would it mean to truly “get free” as an educator?
How can we identify and challenge bias in our reading and writing curriculum and instruction? How can we support students in becoming empathetic, engaged individuals who can communicate with the world through reading and writing skills developed with compassion and critical thinking?

Answering these questions requires deep personal reflection and intentional daily practice — and it’s crucial today more than ever, when students are overwhelmed with misinformation and disinformation.

Drawn from decades of classroom experience and founded on the scholarship of social justice educators,Tricia Ebarvia provides a framework that can help teachers implement transformative, anti-bias literacy instruction in middle- and high school classrooms Get Free offers educators

  • Strategies for scaffolding literacy instruction in ways that center students’ identities and experiences, and help them develop a more inclusive understanding of literature and writing
  • Classroom structures and routines that support critical listening and open, authentic conversation and writing responses
  • Invitations for teachers to re-examine curriculum and instructional practices, based on a deeper sense of who we are and what we bring to every reading and writing experience

To develop stronger reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, antibias literacy instruction is essential. This is the book for teachers, new and experienced, who know that classrooms can be transformative, liberatory spaces where students better understand themselves, others, and the world.

Imagine the possibilities if we could just get free…

Starting with Ourselves: We Teach Who We Are
Creating Brave Spaces: Community First
Unpacking Multitudes: Expanding Students’ Understanding of Identity
Listening and Speaking: Critical Conversations
Rethinking Reading: Taking an Expansive Approach
Perspective-Taking and Perspective-Bending: Strategies for Reading

VERDICT: This helpful book reengineers classroom literacy learning by encouraging teachers to facilitate while students command their own learning.

School Library Journal
starred review

In a time when teachers are feeling more constrained than ever, this book serves as a path forward to breaking free from the biases and social norms that hold us back. Ebarvia has created a comprehensive tool kit that marries necessary theory to practical classroom application, which is nothing short of amazing and will be one of the most frequently pulled books from your professional library.

Susan G. Barber

Get Free: Antibias Literacy Instruction for Stronger Readers, Writers, and Thinkers hits that beautiful sweet spot between inspirational and practical. Through stories, real examples of student work, and artfully synthesized theory, this book provides reflections, tools, and tangible strategies for educators who seek to help us all get free.

Sarah-SoonLing Blackburn

What does it mean to be free? And how can we, as educators, create conditions for students to answer that for themselves? Ebarvia asks the most important questions of the moment and guides readers on a journey to help them answer the questions for themselves. With every word, it is clear Ebarvia has a deep belief in educators to rise to the occasion and support students to become the critical changemakers we need for a more just society.

Val Brown

Ebarvia has written for us a guide for how to use education the right way: how to invite students into freedom through literacy and classwork. This is genius and I’m so excited for it to be out in the world.

Lorena Germán

Get Free is a powerful resource for teachers striving to improve literacy instruction while creating a just and inclusive classroom. It blends academic research with real-world experiences to provide practical strategies for nurturing stronger readers. The book shows teachers how to create classrooms that embrace every student’s unique identities and experiences, making it a must-have for transformative educators.

Britt Hawthorne

Ebarvia’s book Get Free: Antibias Literacy Instruction for Stronger Readers highlights the often overlooked and necessary aspects of the literacy classroom that truly centers students. Supporting educators to create bold, honest, and brave spaces for ALL students, this book is the one I’ll be giving to all the educators I know. Freedom is the goal and Ebarvia will help us to get there!

Tiffany Jewell

This is the book I needed my teachers to have when I was a student, the book I needed as a teacher, and the book I need now as a teacher-educator. It is a gift and offering for educators interested in equity and social justice—one that centers the humanity of everyone on this journey.

Jung Kim
Chair of Education, Lewis University

This beautifully crafted, research based, practically minded book will help you to solve a whole host of problems in your classroom. Students not finding the work of literacy class relevant? This book will help. Are you only able to reach a group of students while somehow others don’t click into your teaching? This book will help. Concerned (or not sure) about the ways in which power and privilege affect your school community? This book will help. By uncovering the subtle biases we hold that have dramatic effects on students, outlining ways to build real community in our classrooms, and then setting the table for some deep, vibrant teaching that develops both antibiased schools and relevant reading, writing, and discourse work, Ebarvia masterfully plots a journey we can and must all begin—today.

Kate Roberts

What a gift Tricia Ebarvia has given us in the form of this brilliant book. Weaving together thoughtful scholarship and practical pedagogical tools, Ebarvia has constructed a must-read for educators. I can’t wait to share this book broadly with my networks!

Karen Scher

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