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Gender, Family and Social Movements

Gender, Family and Social Movements

September 1997 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
With extensive use of case materials, this volume describes and analyzes the significance of social movements like the struggle for abortion rights and gay rights for the large-scale transformations of key aspects of gender and family. Gender and social movements are also linked in a way that shows how events of the nineteenth century are relevant to understanding the struggles for change today.
The Interplay of Gender and Social Movements
Gender, Family, and Social Change
Social Movements and Feminist Consciousness
Feminism, Antifeminism, and the Conflict over Equal Rights
Abortion and Family Politics
The Battle over Gay and Lesbian Rights
The Contribution of Social Movements

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Ms Lynda Ziemba
Sociology/Anthropology, Kean University
November 5, 2011

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ISBN: 9780761985167