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Fundamental English and Mathematics Skills for Trainee Teachers

Fundamental English and Mathematics Skills for Trainee Teachers

January 2022 | 160 pages | Learning Matters

As a trainee teacher you, must reach a threshold level of skill for English and mathematics.  

This essential resource for your training supports you to:
*audit your skills to find gaps and areas for development;
*track your progress as you learn;
*keep a record of your skills and competence.

The book outlines the ‘basic’ English and mathematics skills needed to teach.  It includes key essential knowledge, contextualized for teachers.  It includes practice questions for self audit and checklists and progress monitoring support.

Properties of numbers and of operations
Fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio
Estimating and rounding
Data handling 1: using data and graphs to interpret trends and patterns
Data handling 2: interpreting pupil data and developing an understanding of statistics and graphs in the news and academic reports
Solving mathematical problems
Spoken language and communication skills
Spelling for teaching and for professionals
Understanding and application of punctuation
Grammar, tense and vocabulary
Comprehension strategies and approaches

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