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Foundations of Adult Nursing

Foundations of Adult Nursing

Second Edition
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Adult Nursing | Nursing

December 2018 | 552 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Covering the issues, themes and principles that explain what it means to be a nurse today, this book provides the theory students need to know and applies it to the diverse patient groups and settings that students will encounter on their placements.

Key features of the book are:

  • It introduces the core aspects of adult nursing
  • An evidence-based approach with discussion of literature, policy and research and suggested further reading for every chapter
  • Over 30 case studies to help students understand the realities of practice across a range of settings including primary care and the community
  • Stop and think boxes which challenge assumptions and encourage reflection
  • A companion website with sample questions for lecturers to use in seminars, multiple choice questions for student revision and free SAGE journal articles

The book has been closely mapped to the NMC's 2018 Standards for Proficiency, Education and Training and supports students across their entire degree programme as they develop into nurses of the future ready to deliver and lead care.

Part One
Joanne Timpson, Elizabeth Lee-Woolf and Jane Brooks
Chapter 1: Essentials of Nursing: Values, Knowledge, Skills and Practice
Caroline Jagger, Healther Iles-Smith and Dianne Burns
Chapter 2: Nursing Therapeutics
Dianne Burns, Mark Cole and Penelope Stamford
Chapter 3: Fundamental Aspects of Adult Nursing
Jean Rogers and Sarah Booth
Chapter 4: Interprofessional and Multidisciplinary Team Working
Julie Gregory and Charlotte Middleton
Chapter 5: Medicines Management
Ann Wakefield and Nicola Olleveant
Chapter 6: Evidence-based Practice and the Importance of Research
Mary Cooke
Chapter 7: Clinical Decision Making
Dianne Burns
Chapter 8: Leadership and Management
Dianne Burns
Chapter 9: Developing Practice and Managing Change
Part Two
Helen Davidson, Karen Iley and Susan Ramsdale
Chapter 10: Supporting and Promoting Health
Emma Stanmore and Christine Brown Wilson
Chapter 11: Specialist care of the older person
Judith Ormrod and Dianne Burns
Chapter 12: Caring for Adults with Long-Term Conditions
Paul Tierney and Julie Gregory
Chapter 13: Caring for the Acutely Ill Adult
Samantha Freeman, Colin Steen and Greg Bleakley
Chapter 14: Caring for the Critically Ill Adult
John Costello
Chapter 15: The Provision of Effective Palliative Care for Adults
Karen Heggs and Samantha Freeman
Chapter 16: Managing the Transition to Registered Nursing Practice

Easy to follow, Easy to read.
Plenty to occupy the minds of our Nursing Students

Miss Tamara Kerr
Nursing and Midwifery (Glyntaf), University of South Wales (Glamorgan)
June 7, 2021

Sets the context for adult nursing, just right for our new BSc Nursing course.

Denise Langford
Nursing and Midwifery (Glyntaf), University of South Wales (Glamorgan)
September 24, 2019

An excellent introduction for 1st year pre-registration nurses to the important foundation of Adult Nursing

Ms Kim Dowd
Faculty of Health , Social Care & Education, Anglia Ruskin University
November 27, 2019