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Evidence-based Policy and Practice in Mental Health Social Work

Evidence-based Policy and Practice in Mental Health Social Work

Second Edition

July 2011 | 264 pages | Learning Matters
Mental health social workers work within multidisciplinary teams, often based in health settings. The variety of services they work within are shaped by mental health policy that is increasingly being influenced by research evidence of 'what works'. This fully-revised second edition has a new chapter on systematic reviews and greater coverage of the impact of the 2007 amendment to Mental Health Act 1983 on mental health practitioners and services.
Epistemology and Evidence-based Practice in Mental Health Social Work
Contemporary Mental Health Social Work: A Synergy of Professional Practice and Legal Process
Mental-Health Policy: Shaping Social Work Practice
Mental-Health Policy: Exploring its Evidence Base
Becoming an Evidence-Based Practitioner: Steps Towards Evidence-Based Practice in Mental-Health Social Work
How to Critically Appraise Cross-sectional Surveys
How to Critically Appraise Randomised Controlled Trials
How to Critically Appraise Cohort Studies
How to Critically Appraise Case-Control Studies
How to Critically Appraise Systematic Reviews
Demystifying P-values: A User-Friendly Introduction to Statistics Used in Mental-Health Research
How to Critically Appraise Qualitative Studies
Conclusion - Advanced Practitioners: Bringing Research into Practice

This is an excellent book and I have shared it with students and academic colleagues

Ms Julie Lawrence
Social Work, Salford University
February 27, 2012

Social work focused, i thought it may compliament but it did not.

Liz Broadbent
Social Work, Huddersfield University
December 20, 2011

I have found chapter 6 of this title particularly useful to guide the students around the use of framing, this is congruent with the teaching we consider with risk assessment, assessment and the models of framing

Mr Ian Lloyd
Faculty of Health, Staffordshire University
December 20, 2011