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Essentials of Psychology - International Student Edition

Essentials of Psychology - International Student Edition

First Edition

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Psychology (General)

December 2021 | 808 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Psychology exists all around us. It influences politics, policy, social interactions, teaching and learning science, and even workplace practices. In Saul Kassin, Gregory Privitera, and Krisstal Clayton's Essentials of Psychology, students connect their world to the study of psychology through authentic experiences. The book propels students into a clear, vibrant understanding of psychological science through concise explanations, real life examples, and active practice.

Introductory psychology may be a student's first exposure to scientific methodology, or a step toward a career in the field. To meet learners where they are and then scaffold understanding, this book uses best practices from the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) in Psychology. This is reflected in the active learning What's Your Prediction theme, which facilitates a firsthand appreciation for psychological science. Through this lens, students assume the role of psychologist, investigating and mastering concepts. At the same time, they are immersed contextually in theories and research.

By understanding the research process, learners comprehend the field's evolution - from its historical underpinnings to modern research and its reflection in the world all around us.
Chapter 1 Psychology and Its Methods
Chapter 2 Behavioral Neuroscience
Chapter 3 Sensation and Perception
Chapter 4 Consciousness
Chapter 5 Learning
Chapter 6 Memory
Chapter 7 Thought, Language, and Intelligence
Chapter 8 Personality
Chapter 9 Life Span Development and Its Contexts
Chapter 10 Social and Cultural Influences
Chapter 11 Motivation and Emotion
Chapter 12 Health, Stress, and Wellness
Chapter 13 Psychological Disorders
Chapter 14 Treatment and Interventions

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