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Essentials of Nursing Children and Young People

Essentials of Nursing Children and Young People

First Edition
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December 2017 | 688 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This innovative and student-friendly textbook provides up-to-date information on the core content of child nursing courses and helps students understand how it applies to practice. Covering all settings throughout, including the acute and community ones, it focuses on the importance of child and family centred care, by having them directly involved through the use of voices and case studies.

This book provides a comprehensive framework for student knowledge development by including:

  • Activities and theory stop-points to encourage students to develop their critical thinking skills.
  • Pointers to further reading resources, including journal articles and videos for students to explore and build knowledge more independently.
  • A range of online resources including extra scenarios for lecturers to use in their teaching and MCQs for students to revise.

Essential reading for undergraduate nursing students specialising or wanting to specialise in children and young people nursing.

Part A: Principles of nursing children and young people
Dr Jackie Vasey, Dr Joanna Smith, Nicola Mitchell
Chapter 1: Involving children, young people and families in care and care decisions
Jean Shapcott
Chapter 2: Effective communication with children and young people
Alison Twycross and Becky Saul
Chapter 3: Assessment and management of pain in children
Mary Brady and Linda Moore
Chapter 4: Medication compliance management and administration
Debbie McGirr and Scott Richardson-Read
Chapter 5: Interprofessional working with children & young people
Jane Hughes, Amanda Kelly and Tracey Jones
Chapter 6: The organisation of and settings for care
Sarah Price
Chapter 7: Community care and care in non-hospital settings
Marc Cornock and Orla Mc Alinden
Chapter 8: Law and policy
Zoe Clark and Cameron Cox
Chapter 9: Safeguarding
Part B: Child and infant wellbeing and development
Gill Langmack and Lis O’Brien
Chapter 10: Genetics and epigenetics - effects on children and young people
Orla Mc Alinden
Chapter 11: Infant mental wellbeing and health or how to grow a healthy adult
Melanie Robbins and Cilla Sanders
Chapter 12: Factors influencing wellbeing and development in children and young people
Mandy Brimble and Sarah Reddington-Bowes
Chapter 13: Universal screening and the role of the Health Visitor
Part C: Caring for children with acute health care needs and injury
Rachael Bolland
Chapter 14: Assessment and care of the child with acute needs
Lorna Ashbrooke and Jim Richardson
Chapter 15: Preparing children and young people for hospitalization
Dawn James
Chapter 16: Principles of caring for children in the peri and postoperative recovery period
Zoe Veal, Orla Mc Alinden and Doreen Crawford
Chapter 17: Care of the child and young person with respiratory problems
Zoe Veal and Jo Bailey
Chapter 18: Care of the child and young person with cardiovascular problems
Stuart Hibbins
Chapter 19: Care of the child and young person with neurological problems
Mary Brady and Linda Moore
Chapter 20: Care of the child and young person with urinary/renal problems
Kate Davies
Chapter 21: Care of the child and young person with endocrine problems
Katie Rowson
Chapter 22: Care of the child and young person with immunological problems
Julia Judd
Chapter 23: Care of the child and young person with musculoskeletal problems
Louise Holliday and Carla Kierulff
Chapter 24: Care of the child and young person with haematological problems
Joan Myers and Dolores D’Souza
Chapter 25: Care of the child and young person with dermatological problems
Shirin Pomeroy
Chapter 26: Care of the child and young person with thermal injury
Zoe Veal and Colin Veal
Chapter 27: Care of the child and young person with fluid and electrolyte imbalance
Zoe Veal, Orla Mc Alinden and Doreen Crawford
Chapter 28: Care of the child and young person with gastrointestinal problems
Elizabeth Gillespie and Sue Dunlop
Chapter 29: Discharge planning and transfer
Part D: Caring for children and young people with Complex and high dependency needs
Usha Chandra and Fiona Lynch
Chapter 30: Care of the highly dependent and critically ill child and young person
Elisabeth Podsiadly and Dr Mary Goggin
Chapter 31: Care of the neonate
Dr Jayne Price and Suzanne Coulson
Chapter 32: Care of the child and young person with a malignant condition
Antoinette Menezes and Tracie Lewin-Taylor
Chapter 33: Care of the child and young person with life limiting illness
Professor Jayne Price and Melissa Heywood
Chapter 34: Care of the child and young person at the end of life
Chapter 35: Care of the child and young person with Learning Disability
Orla Mc Alinden and Julia Pelle
Chapter 36: Care of the child and young person with mental health issues
Tim McDougall
Chapter 37: From childhood to adolescence, focus on the developing and differing needs of a young person
Part E: On being a Professional Children’s Nurse
Jackie Phipps
Chapter 38: Leadership and management in child and young people nursing
Claire Anderson
Chapter 39: Lifelong learning and Continuing Professional Development for the child and young person nurse
Lorraine Highe
Chapter 40: Decision making and Accountability in children and young people nursing
Jim Richardson
Chapter 41: Being politically aware and professionally proactive

Fantastic evidence-base on the mechanisms of child biology, physiology, assessing children, and all the different childhood illness. They talk about community care, law, policy, and there’s also a section about caring for children with complex or high-needs, or critically ill children.

(Full video review can be found here:

Grace Barry - Registered Nurse and Blogger

The book features multiple contributors from a variety of clinical, academic and leadership roles as well as viewpoints on many aspects of care from students, parents and most importantly, children. The book signposts the student to consider critical aspects of practice throughout such as ‘safeguarding stop points’, ‘what’s the evidence?’ boxes and links to critical thinking or reflection.

The book is aimed at second and third year children’s nursing students and keeps this audience firmly in focus with reference to a review panel of students. It would also be a good introductory resource for any qualified nurse newly caring for children and young people.

Alison Taylor, Senior lecturer in Child Health Nursing, University of Brighton
Nursing Times

This book provides an introduction to paediatric nursing care. Its a useful resource that covers all of the essential information needed.

Ms Charlotte Bone
Nursing, BPP University (Waterloo Campus)
April 29, 2023

This covers some great aspects of nursing in the depth required for understanding and application to practice.

Mrs Susie Wilkie
School of Nursing & Midwifery, Queen's University Belfast
July 17, 2023

This is a very comprehensive text that covers all the key aspects of children and young adult nursing, and would be particularly useful for nursing students, across all fields of nursing, not just children's nursing.

Ms Lesley Andrews
Nursing, University of the Highlands And Islands
August 8, 2022

Excellent resource for both nursing students and qualified nurses. Plenty of information presented in a very accessible format. Highly recommended

Mr Chris Tapping
School of Pre-Qualifying Nursing & Vocational Health Care, Bucks New University
August 8, 2018

An excellent comprehensive text for pre reg nursing students. Easy to read and well written.

Ms Kirsten Gunn
Nursing, Ara Institute of Canterbury
February 23, 2018

This is an excellent textbook, both for students studying children's nursing and for students studying other fields of nursing. It covers a wide range of issues, including the principles of nursing children and young people; child and infant development; caring for infants and children with acute care needs; caring for children and young people with complex and high dependency needs and the role of the professional children's nurse. The authors have also developed some useful online learning tools to supplement the textbook. A must read for every children's nurse.

Mrs Heather Dale
Faculty of Education, Health & Wellbeing, Wolverhampton University
May 15, 2018

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