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Essay Writing

Essay Writing
A Student's Guide

First Edition

February 2010 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Essay Writing is a student guide with a mission: to enable students to write better essays and get the grades they deserve by demystifying the essay-writing process.

MunLing Shields places essay writing within the larger university experience for students. In a clear and easy to understand way the author guides the reader through the process of writing successful university essays by looking at essay writing in the context of academic communication, academic culture and different learning styles and approaches. Essay Writing also offers invaluable insights into the way tutors see essays, explaining why essays are set, how to understand the rationale behind them, and demonstrating how best to approach answering the question.

This highly accessible book offers practical, in-depth guidance on each of the stages of the essay writing process – planning, drafting and editing – and relates them to the important sub-skills of information-gathering, reading academic texts, how to get the most out of lectures, referencing and citations, and fluency and appropriateness of style and language.
Book Overview

Introduction: How to Use this Book

Learning and Writing at University

Answering the Essay Question

Planning Different Types of Essay

Acquiring Information

Assessing Information Critically

Managing Information

Citing Information

Paragraphing: the Introduction and Conclusion

Paragraphing: the Body of the Essay

Making it Flow

The Finishing Touches

Writing Exam Essays


Concise Grammar Glossary




'An excellent guide for students new to writing essays at university'

David Ellicott, Senior Lecturer in Youth Justice and Youth Studies, Nottingham Trent University

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