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Environmental Governance in India

Environmental Governance in India
Issues and Challenges

First Edition
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August 2018 | 328 pages | SAGE Texts

This exhaustive and thorough book on environmental governance in India examines the multi-layered interaction between society and nature in the light of the role of the State, the Judiciary and Civil Society.

Governance of the natural environment has, arguably, emerged as one of the most complex challenges faced by humanity. Consequently, environment has been increasingly incorporated in the agenda at all levels of governance, for both developed and developing countries. Environmental Governance in India: Issues and Challenges traces this environment–development discourse and addresses the limitations, obstacles and possibilities for equitable, just and sustainable development.

A pioneering text focusing on the State as a vital factor in environmental and sustainability politics, this book not only reveals the conflicts, problems and dilemmas of urban environmentalism but also suggests a viable strategy to maintain a balance between ecology and equity.

Key Features:

• Issues of environment and governance written in a lucid and jargon-free language.

• Urban environmentalism in India elucidated on the basis of an empirical study.

• Exploration of social issues in environmental governance.

• Environmental governance explained from both global and Indian perspectives.

Environmental Governance: A Global Perspective
Development: Environment Discourse
Global Environmental Governance
Environmental Governance in India
Development and Environmental Issues in India
Environmental Policy in India
Role of Judiciary in Environmental Governance in India
Civil Society and Environmental Protection in India
Urban Environmental Governance and Politics in India
Impact of Urbanization on Environment and Public Health
Urban Environmental Governance: Major Initiatives
Environmental Politics in Urban India
Environmental Protection and People’s Rights
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