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Entrepreneurial Marketing

Entrepreneurial Marketing
A Blueprint for Customer Engagement

First Edition

April 2020 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Entrepreneurial Marketing: A Blueprint for Customer Engagement offers a cutting-edge perspective on how to create a customer-centric, multi-channel marketing program. Emphasizing the role of entrepreneurial marketing in the value-creation process, Entrepreneurial Marketing helps students learn how to view the customer engagement experience through the eyes of their target market to effectively build a sustainable brand. Packed with practical tools, examples, and worksheets, the text allows students to immediately apply what they learn to their new venture idea.
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CHAPTER 1 • Marketing Using an Entrepreneurial Lens
An Entrepreneurial Approach to Marketing

New Tools—Same Old Rules

Designing a Business Model That Creates Value

Reality Check—The Truth About Business Success and Failure

The Importance of Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals


CHAPTER 2 • Understanding Your Ecosystem
Introduction to Market Research

Defining and Understanding the Ecosystem You Operate Within

Primary Versus Secondary Data Sources

Understanding Evolving Market Trends

Defining Your Market

Building Your Business Model

Sources of Data and Trends

Tools for Understanding Trends

The Value of Industry Association Data

Market Size

Your Business Relative to Others in the Industry: SWOT Analysis

PESTLE Analysis

Positioning Map


CHAPTER 3 • Identifying Your Customers’ Journey
The Journey of Customer Discovery

Turn Data Into Knowledge

The Importance of Saying No: Knowing Which Customers Are Not the Right Match for You

Ask the Right Questions

Methods of Discovering Customer Needs

Ethical Issues in Customer Research

Getting to Know Your Customers

Value Proposition Canvas

Select Your Questions Wisely

Four Methods of Customer Discovery Research


CHAPTER 4 • Listening to the Voice of the Customer
How Do You Hear the Voice of Your Customer?

Prototypes to Help Identify Profiles

Prototyping the Google Way

Beyond Physical Products: Prototyping Services and Apps

Going From Prototype to MVP

B2B Versus B2C Profiling


CHAPTER 5 • Managing Competition and Inertia
Competitors Don’t Always Look Like You

Clearly Defining Competition

How Substitute Products Impact Revenue Potential

The Right Perspective

Sources of Competitive Data

The Myth of First Mover Advantage

Second Mover Advantage

What Is Inertia?

Leapfrog Your Competition

Building Your Business Model


CHAPTER 6 • Creating Brand Engagement
Building a Strong Brand

Don’t Let Your Brand Be a Lizard

Consistently Communicate Your Brand Position

Why Do People Buy a Brand?

You Don’t Control Your Brand Reputation

Master Your Brand Delivery Skills

What Are the Lessons Learned?


CHAPTER 7 • Designing Marketing Partnerships That Empower Growth
Finding Partners That Fit

The Right Partnership

Using Your SWOT and PESTLE Analyses to Identify the Right Partner

Marketing Alliance Benefits

Risk–Reward Balance

A Word About Business Values

Creating a Win–Win Scenario

Green Light Ahead

What Could Go Wrong?

Building Your Business Model


CHAPTER 8 • Creating Sales Processes and Systems
Sales Is All About Building Relationships

Sales and Marketing Data Flow

Different Worldviews

Sales and Marketing Collaboration

Sales and Marketing Collaboration Model

B2B or B2C or Some Combination of the Two?

Designing Sales Processes and Systems

Sales Analysis and Projections

Knowledge Is Power

Managing Your Team’s Sales Cycle

Chewie’s Colossal Cookie Company: Letting the Data Inform Your Next Steps

Building Your Business Model


CHAPTER 9 • Solution Selling
Sales Is About Listening

Sales for Those Who Hate Selling

Ready to Start Selling?

Do Your Homework

Five Stages of the Sales Process

Dealing With Objections

Sales Tips for Building Relationships

Building Your Business Model

Networking to Jump-Start and Grow Your Business

It’s Not About Making Friends

Conferences as a Great Opportunity to Build Your Networking Skills

Holding Your Own Seminars and Webinars

Still Not Convinced


CHAPTER 10 • Doing Well While Doing Good
Aligning Your Messaging to Underscore Your Social Value

Are YOU a Social Entrepreneur?

Warby Parker

Editing Others Into the Conversation About Your Mission

The Ad Council: Inspiring Change, Improving Lives

Five Fundamentals for Making Social Impact on YouTube

Corporate Social Responsibility

Taking the Next Step in Corporate Social Responsibility

Think Like a Donor

Passionate Entrepreneurs Can Make a Difference

CHAPTER 11 • Deploying Omnichannel Marketing to Create Customer Engagement
Let the Games Begin—Time to Focus on Your Marketing Campaign Design

Getting Your Customers Engaged Through an Omnichannel Marketing Approach

Think Like Starbucks

Creating Brand Engagement and Buzz

Disruptive Brand Marketing Campaigns

Ceding Control of Your Brand

Return to Your Research Findings to Get Customer Touch Points Right

Omnichannel: Combining the Best of Old School Marketing With New School Channels

Let’s Talk Social

Content Is King

Public Relations and Creating Thought Leaders and Influencers

What if You’re Not an Expert

Creating and Delivering Content

Exploring Top Social Tools

Snapchat as a Marketing Tool

Email Marketing

Tools, Tips, and Training Resources

CHAPTER 12 • Leveraging Old School Marketing Tactics
Old School Never Goes Out of Style

Old School Methods of Reaching Your Customers

The Power of Networking: Making the RIGHT Connections at the RIGHT Events

Where Else Can You Meet the RIGHT People?

Developing Your Network: You Can’t Succeed Alone

Your Marketing Campaign Rollout


CHAPTER 13 • Using Data and Passion to Move From Idea to Market
Understanding the Customer Journey Through the Data

Channeling Your Passion to Fuel Success

Watch the Flames

Learning to Accept Failure

Cut Once, Measure Twice

Just the Facts: Getting the Right Data and Getting the Data Right

Where to Begin Your Analysis

Customer Lifetime Value

Selecting the Right Customer Mix

Your Data Capture Plan

Ready, Set, Launch: Your Marketing Road map

Navigating Your Path to Success

A Journey of Exploration




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