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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

April 2021 | 220 pages | SAGE Response
In the digital world, the significance of emotional intelligence (EI) will gain further importance as technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and automation partly or fully replace human intervention. Humans will be valued by their unique characteristics and skills in the digital world. There is no doubt that EI is one of the differentiating future competencies in Industry 4.0. 

The book helps in understanding each component of EI along with its meaning, significance and application in our professional and personal lives. It talks about the five main elements of EI, namely self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, empathy and social skills that allow us to escape from the ordinary. The necessary foundation for building EI is based on the three main components of mindfulness, resilience and compassion, which are also discussed in the book. It further provides steps for driving with EI and is filled with EI self-assessment tools and exercises. Emotional Intelligence shares the recipe for lifelong health, good relationships, professional and personal success, and happiness. 
Foreword by P. Raghavendran
Explaining Emotional Intelligence
Why EI?
What Is EI?
Social Skills
Building and Driving EI
EI Strength Finder Tool
Suggested Readings

The world today is exponentially being transformed by digital technologies, and the crisis has accelerated this transformation. Puru’s book helps us to understand how we can reach escape velocity by focusing on being human and tapping into our emotional intelligence (EI). He guides us through practical, easy-to-remember exercises to intentionally focus on our emotional quotient. The five components of EI—self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, social skills and empathy—are critical for leaders to take care of people during the crisis and accelerate business recovery and growth.

Mamatha Chamarthi
Chief Digital Officer and Chief Information Officer, FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)

Emotional Intelligence—Puru’s book is the need of the hour!

Puru has very well defined self-awareness and self-regulation in Chapters 4 and 5 of his book. The narration of emotions and feelings is articulated so beautifully that right from a schoolboy to a scholar can read and can understand. The language is so simple yet so powerful, which is the essence of EI. The example he highlighted about Sandeep reminds me of the cortisol effect, when aggression jeopardizes the development of today’s younger generation and, especially, of corporate executives.

Chapter 6 (Self-motivation) is my favourite in the book as Puru has beautifully articulated the evidences of self-motivation, which can be practised by all and not necessarily only corporate professionals. Puru has given us the perspective in excelling emotional intelligence with wider possibilities, it’s now our choice!

Senator P. K. C. Bose
Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Enercon Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd (A Subsidiary of Enercon Group, Germany)

Importance of an emotionally intelligent leader is experienced both in peaceful and turbulent times. In pandemic (e.g., COVID-19) situations, the EI capabilities help in navigating the uncertainty and potential loss surrounding the pandemic. Leaders with EI have awareness, perception, composure and exceptional self-control, which enable them to develop and propel the firm and society’s path of success through empathy, influence and collaboration. The best part of EI is that it is a learnable skill. Rajagopalan Purushothaman’s book on EI has been well crafted to develop the EI skill sets in an individual. A firm can use the frameworks and processes provided in the book to cultivate leadership skills in its workforce. The book is amazingly simple to read with a high impact. A must-buy for both industry and academicians.

Dr Prashant Salwan
Professor of Strategy and Chairman, Executive Education, IIM Indore

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