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Early Childhood Educational Research

Early Childhood Educational Research
International Perspectives

July 2018 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Early Childhood educational research is a constantly evolving field. This book brings together Cathy Nutbrown’s considerable knowledge and expertise in the field, to deliver a comprehensive and critical overview of national and international research. The strengths of various types of research, and their influence on theory, policy and practice, are identified along with new and emerging research areas, and anticipated future topics and patterns of research.


Through an analytical discussion of research topics addressing Children, Adults and Pedagogy, these key areas are highlighted:


-        Issues in research design

-        Types of and trends in methodological approaches

-        The ethics of research


With digestible chapter introductions, thinking points and suggestions for research or dissertation topics, readers are also able to locate their own work in an international landscape. This is the perfect ‘go to’ resource for all early childhood education and social science researchers.

Cathy Nutbrown will be discussing ideas from Early Childhood Educational Research in Doing Your Early Years Research Project, a SAGE Masterclass for early years students and practitioners in collaboration with Kathy Brodie. 

Chapter 1: Research Threads: Weaving Understandings of Early Childhood Education from the 20th Century
Part I: Children
Chapter 2: Children's Rights and Early Childhood Education and Care
Chapter 3: Young Children’s Well-Being and Spirituality
Chapter 4: Play in Early Childhood Education and Care
Chapter 5: Children as Participants in their own Learning and in Research
Chapter 6: Poverty in Childhood and the Impact of Early Childhood Education and Care
Reflection on Part I: Research Focusing on Children
Part II: Adults
Chapter 7: Parents and Early Childhood Education and Care
Chapter 8: Inclusion and Diversity in Early Childhood Education and Care
Chapter 9: Multi-Professional and Inter-Disciplinary Working in Early Childhood Education and Care
Chapter 10: Professionalism, Qualifications and Status
Chapter 11: Leadership in Early Childhood Education and Care
Chapter 12: Ethics of Work with Young Children in Early Childhood Education and Care
Reflection on Part II: Research Focusing on Adults
Part III: Learning and Teaching
Chapter 13: Curricular Approaches: Pedagogy and Practice in Early Childhood Education and Care
Chapter 14: Early Literacy Development and Learning
Chapter 15: Languages and Early Learning
Chapter 16: Digital Technologies and Early Childhood Education and Care
Chapter 17: Assessment in Early Childhood Education and Care
Reflection on Part III: 21st Century Research Focusing on Learning and Teaching
Chapter 18: Research in Early Childhood Education in the 21st Century: Salience, Significance and Challenge

Morphing between historical reviews and contemporary reports, Cathy examines policy shifts and their impact. Cleverly pepper and salting research, she recursively introduces themes and research questions. As a wise stateswoman who has seen it all before, Cathy reflects on the making of early childhood history, whilst at the same time discussing how it has made her. A must read.

Marilyn Fleer
Foundation Chair of Early Childhood Education and Development, Faculty of Education, Monash University and Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Education, University of Oxford

Few authors have the credentials and discernment to write such an authoritative book. Cathy Nutbrown weaves an insightful narrative - mindful of history and context and respectful of young children and educators - drawing attention to research, which highlights central issues and questions that continue to demand attention and action in Early Childhood Education.

Sacha Powell
Professor of Early Childhood Care and Education, Canterbury Christ Church University

This is an invaluable, highly principled book in which Professor Cathy Nutbrown draws on wide, up-to-date research as well as her own experience and reflections as a practitioner, researcher and sharply political being.  The work is at once a celebration of all that has been achieved in the field of early childhood and an urgent call for action in order to eradicate inequalities.  Each chapter concludes with helpful suggestions of research questions and how these might be approached.

Sarah Cousins
Director of Early Years Programmes, Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Warwick

Once again Cathy Nutbrown places the lives and experiences of young children at the heart of her work. Reflecting on the research focuses, in England and internationally, Nutbrown offers a 360° view of the state of early childhood education and care. The three aspects of children, the role of the adults and learning and teaching are explored in depth and, as you would expect, the golden thread of children’s rights and social justice is evident throughout the book. Cathy Nutbrown draws on her many years of experience to offer a unique perspective of what the research says about early childhood education and care today and identifies where further research is needed. A thought-provoking, motivating and excellent read.

Helen Perkins
Senior Lecturer in Childhood and Family Studies

Useful for year 2 foundation degree students on next year's modules

Ms susan Gunn
Centre For Early Childhood, Worcester University
September 29, 2023

This is pertinent for all students preparing or undertaking research in the sector. Many of our students are practitioners so this supports the process of research.

Miss marie bradwell
Children and Young People, Plymouth Marjon University
August 28, 2023

Useful book for students studying on the ECS and FDA Early Years. The book is essential for their Independent Project and for the Research Methods module.

Ms Eva Mikuska
Childhood, Social Work & Social Care, Chichester University
February 10, 2020

Another great publication from this author. Clearly presented enabling students to consider additional options in their wider research.

Miss Tracey Canham
Early Years, Swindon College
September 11, 2020

An interesting addition to the module which provides a broader spectrum of points to consider when examining international perspectives on early childhood.

HESC Office, Barnet And Southgate College
February 12, 2020

An excellent opportunity for the reader to engage in some key threads around early childhood. It allows an in depth thought pattern through the research questions at the end of each chapter.

Miss Natalie Gibson
Higher Education, Accrington And Rossendale College
July 1, 2019

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