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Doing Your Early Years Research Project

Doing Your Early Years Research Project
A Step by Step Guide

Fourth Edition
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March 2018 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This bestselling guide to undertaking your Early Years research project takes the reader on a practical step-by-step journey. Breaking down each section into accessible and digestible topics, and accompanied by a multitude of practical examples, case studies, research summaries and key points, the author brings this process to life. The updated and revised fourth edition includes:
  • Useful additional resources at the end of each chapter
  • Extended material on the child’s voice within research
  • Signposted glossary terms throughout the text
  • Updated website materials for further study

From learning how to structure and organise your project, through to the final presentation and written report of your findings, this is the essential guide and companion for undergraduate and postgraduate students throughout their early childhood and social science courses.

Guy Roberts-Holmes will be discussing key ideas in Doing Your Early Years Research Project, a SAGE Masterclass for early years students and practitioners in collaboration with Kathy Brodie. 

You Can Do Research!
Your Research Story, Methodology and Research Questions
Writing Your Literature Review
Ethical Issues in Early Childhood Reseach
Designing Your Research
Creative Listening with Young Children
Observation: Looking and Listening
Writing and Using Questionnaires
Interviewing Children and Adults
Analysing Your Qualitative and Quantitative Data Findings
Writing Up Your Research Project

Guy Roberts-Holmes book has such a wonderful, easy to follow, step-by-step approach to breaking down what many students find a daunting prospect during their studies: managing, planning and carrying out their research project. This book is not only packed with great information, it is clear and well written, with great reflective points making it captivating. I loved the use of practical examples, checklists and web links throughout which is excellent as you feel like you have your own personal tutor on this journey, making this book an enjoyable yet stimulating read.  

Samantha Coombes-McCalla
Undergraduate Early Childhood Studies student

As a student attempting to conduct research and write academically, I would definitely recommend this book to any student in the early years field. The book provides an in-depth knowledge of concepts, methods, structure and research process. It also includes experiences of students which is a great help for beginners and provides actual guidance from the beginning till the end.

Richa Barhat
MA Early Childhood Education student

A useful text for beginner researchers in the field of early childhood education

Mrs Joanne Hayes
Education, Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology
October 17, 2018

This is an excellent text, suitable for students undertaking research projects on a range of education- and childcare-based courses. It leads the reader through the whole process by breaking large ideas and concepts down into small sections, and includes a range of activities such as checklists, practical tasks designed to develop reflective skills, and suggestions for further reading. The book also constantly reminds the reader of how the child must always lie at the heart of Early Years research, with a focus on ethics, participation and positive outcomes.

Dr Liz Gregory
Education, Bury College
August 21, 2018

As an Early Years tutor who used a earlier edition of this to help towards writing my own Literature review, it is fantastic to see an updates version to share with my own learners. Fantastic in helping with structure to your Literature Review especially if you are not used to writing with a high word count. reference made to date collection, methodology, ethics and much more.recommended for level 4 onward.

Miss Victoria Ratchford
Early Years (Parsons Walk Campus), Wigan and Leigh College
April 11, 2018

The Fourth Edition of this book is additionally useful as the enhanced 'literature review' elements fit well with choices many of the students make for their project development and project modules. Beyond this, it a text that many of the students choose to buy when they compare what is on offer by reviews 'research' books in the College library. Good value and well organised and accessible. Additionally, the new module tutor quickly added a copy to her own 'library'.

Mr Philip Marshall
Health, Bishop Auckland College
October 3, 2018

This is a very accessible book to support final year undergraduate students to complete their independent school-based projects. The case studies help to illustrate key points and it provides students with a useful structure and suggestions for further reading.

Zoe Crompton
Faculty of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University
March 23, 2018

An excellent update to a must-have resource. This guide is written clearly and provides students with all the knowledge they need to succeed with their first research projects.

Miss Louise Stafford
Early Years Department, Solihull College
June 4, 2018

Strong authors with very accessible way to introduce a complex topic and intrinsically essential system required for all primary ed and early students

Dr Chelle Davison
Education, Coventry University Scarborough Campus
April 16, 2018

A accessible and relevant book to our third year students

Sarah Holmes
Childhood & Youth Studies, Liverpool Hope University
June 4, 2018

Revisions to this edition:

Useful additional resources at the end of each chapter

-        Extended material on the child’s voice within research

-        Signposted glossary terms throughout the text

-        Updated website materials for further study - includes videos, questionnaire & other study templates, links to journals and relevant websites

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1 You can do research