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Doing Interview Research

Doing Interview Research
The Essential How To Guide

  • Uwe Flick - Freie Universtität Berlin, Germany
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October 2021 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

If you want to use interview methods in your research project but are not sure where to start, this book will get you up and running. With hands-on advice for every stage of the social research process, it helps you succeed in every step, from understanding interview research through to designing and conducting your study and working with data. 

The book:

  • Discusses eight methods of interviewing in-depth, including semi-structured interviews, narrative interviews, focus groups and online interviews.
  • Features over 75 case studies of real interview research from across the globe, including Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway, the Philippines and South Africa.
  • Spotlights strategies for conducting ethical, inclusive research, including indigenous research approaches.

Packed not only with learning features - including learning objectives, checklists of questions to ask yourself at every stage of your project, practical exercises to help you put your learning into practice and further reading so you can broaden your knowledge - it is also supported by online resources such as annotated transcripts and videos of mock interviews to empower any social science student to use interview research methods with confidence.

Part I: How to Understand Interview Research
Chapter 1: What Doing Interview Research Means
Chapter 2: Theories and Epistemologies of Interviewing
Chapter 3: When to Choose Interviews as a Research Method
Chapter 4: Methods and Formats of Interviewing
Part II: Designing Interview Research
Chapter 5: Planning and Designing Interview Research
Chapter 6: How Many Interviewees?: Sampling and Saturation
Chapter 7: Accessing and Recruiting Participants
Part III: How to Conduct Interviews
Chapter 8: How to Respect and Protect: Ethics of Interviewing
Chapter 9: Semi-structured Interviews: Working with Questions and Answers
Chapter 10: Interviewing Experts and Elites
Chapter 11: Integrating Narratives in Interviews: Episodic Interviews
Part IV: Doing Interviews in Contexts
Chapter 12: How to Work with Life Histories: Narrative Interviews
Chapter 13: Working with Focus Groups as Interviews
Chapter 14: Ask in the Field: Ethnographic and Mobile Interviewing
Chapter 15: Doing Online Interviews
Part V: How to Work with Interview Data
Chapter 16: Working with Interview Data
Chapter 17: Credibility and Transparency: Quality and Writing in Interview Research
Chapter 18: From Interviewing to an Inner View: Critiques and Reflexivity


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Instructor Resources (Log-in needed)

  • A test bank of multiple choice questions for directed learning or assessment purposes.
  • Downloadable PowerPoint slides that you can customise to suit your teaching needs.

Student Resources (Free to access)

  • Case studies of interview research in the real world.
  • Example annotated and coded interview transcripts from author Uwe Flick.
  • Journal articles and book chapters showing you how interview research is done at each step of the process.
  • Videos hand-picked by Uwe give you insight into different aspects of interview research
  • Weblinks to helpful sites, guidelines, software and more.

Really solid resource with lots of how to tips

Professor Annie Topping
Department of Nursing, Birmingham University
January 31, 2023

A helpful text for students exploring methodological options and conducting interviews of various kinds. The range of approaches covered assists student researchers to make appropriate decisions and to justify their methodological choices well.

Miss Louise Stafford
Department of Education, Oxford Brookes University
March 10, 2022

Essential guidance for students undertaking research based modules

Mrs Sian Pitson
Swansea Business School (Swansea), University of Wales, Trinity St David
February 1, 2022

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