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Doing Business Research

Doing Business Research
A Guide to Theory and Practice

First Edition
  • Nick Lee - Warwick Business School, UK
  • Ian Lings - Queensland University of Technology, Australia

March 2008 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This is not just another book about research methods!

This is a book that has been long awaited in the business research community—a book that holistically addresses the entire research process, from the nature of research and knowledge to the final results—and will become a requisite text for anyone involved in doing a research project. With an advanced undergraduate/postgraduate/doctoral readership in mind, as well as those approaching research as an instructor, Nick Lee (with Ian Lings) has taken on the often disparate elements of research methodology and brought together an integrated, accessible and humorous account explaining why research methods are the way they are and how researchers do what they do.

This book doesn’t just show you the ‘basics’—it will ultimately empower you to place a magnifying glass on all elements of your research.

Unique in its nature and scope Doing Business Research offers
- an essential discussion of philosophical and theoretical matters central to conceptualising the nature of your research, as well as…
- a pragmatic guide to why things are important, and how, but which also…
- offers a huge range of considerations that the reader can use to develop their research project, and even better…
- a unique resource book, providing extensive further reading, and bringing together original viewpoints from over 30 outstanding scholars at all stages of their careers, from postgraduate to professor.

An essential and open-minded text!
How to use this book
What is Research and Why would anyone Want To Do It?
The Scientific Approach to Research
The Interpretive Approach to Research
Reviewing Existing Literature
Theory, Conceptualisation and Hypotheses
Concepts, Constructs and Measurement
The Process of Measure Development
Research Design
Collecting Qualitative Data
Qualitative Data Analysis
Collecting Quantitative Data
How and Why Statistics Work
Quantitative Data Analysis I
Quantitative Data Analysis II
Mixing Methods and Paradigmatic Incommensurability
Writing and Talking about Your Work

`It's not often that you'll find an article or book that explains what you need to know in such plain, simple terms. Treasure it'



Andrew Farrell
Doctoral Researcher, Loughborough University

 This is a gem of a book from two of the outstanding management researchers of their generation. Easy to read and entertaining, yet rigorous and comprehensive in its approach, this book will be adopted as an essential aid for students undertaking final year projects, masters dissertations, and as a primer for doctoral researchers. 


Professor Graham Hooley
Aston University

`This book will fill a vital gap for post graduate research'



Professor Rod Brodie
University of Auckland Business School

An entertaining discourse on the reasoning behind the various methods used to do research in business disciplines. Should be a "must read" for all researchers and research students in business-related areas.

Lester W Johnson
Professor of Management (Marketing), Melbourne Business School

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