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Delivering Person-Centred Care in Nursing

Delivering Person-Centred Care in Nursing

First edition
  • Bob Price - Healthcare Education and Training Consultant

February 2019 | 216 pages | Learning Matters
Delivering effective and responsive person-centred care is a key requirement of nurses’ professional practice and a core skill nurses must develop throughout their degree. This book explains and demonstrates how nurses can transform the ideals of person-centred care into reality for patients throughout their healthcare journey, in a variety of settings. Through the use of varied case studies, this book applies this practice to all fields of nursing, allowing students on any course, at any point in their degree to find useful guidance within its pages. 
Part 1: Person centred care: theory and philosophy
Chapter 1: Person centred care: concepts, origins and problems
Chapter 2: A pragmatic approach to person-centred care
Part 2: How to deliver person centred care
Chapter 3: Helping patients to make sense of their circumstances
Chapter 4: Helping patients cope with change and anxiety
Chapter 5: Helping patients learn about treatment, care and recovery
Chapter 6: Helping patients to rehabilitate
Chapter 7: Helping patients to build and sustain self-care motivation
Chapter 8: Helpings and relatives to live amidst dying
Chapter 9: Looking forward to the future

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