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Deciphering the Diagnostic Codes

Deciphering the Diagnostic Codes
A Guide for School Councelors

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April 1997 | 144 pages | Corwin
The goal of this book is to facilitate better communication between school counsellors and other mental-health professionals by enchancing counsellors' understanding of diagnostic codes and their use. W Paul Jones presents an overview of the basic ideas and terminology used in diagnosis, and examines specific conditions that school counsellors are likely to encounter.
Communication and Credibility  
Multiaxial Assessment
From the Bottom Up  
The V Codes
Almost a Mental Disorder  
The Adjustment Codes
A Disorder for Everyone  
The Anxiety Codes
A Disorder for Anyone  
The Depression Codes
When Sadness Becomes a Disorder  
The Cognitive Codes
Problem Learning or Learning Disorder  
Attention Disorder Codes
Biology and Politics  
Adolescent Codes
Developmental Stages and Developmental Disasters  
Diagnostic Codes
Is This All There Is?  

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ISBN: 9780803964730