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Data Planet

Data Planet

A universe of data at your fingertips

Data Planet simplifies the data research process for everyone by providing a single tool for users to access authoritative and timely datasets from across the globe.

Save users time and effort with 550+ source databases that have been standardized to quickly find, explore, visualize, compare, share, and export data. Relevant across all disciplines and subject areas, Data Planet can be applied in any context including independent research, teaching or instruction, and undergraduate course assignments. 

Data Planet simplifies quantitative data research in a number of ways:

  • Consolidates 550+ U.S. and international databases into one central, uniform platform
  • Enables fast access to data via multiple search and browse options
  • Provides a suite of visualization tools to interpret data and extract insight
  • Helps faculty and instructors easily integrate custom, real-world data visualizations into teaching and course assignments
  • Supports data literacy learning with Data Basics, a library of reference articles addressing the basics of all things data
  • Details source provider information and technical documentation

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Data for every research and course need

Data Planet covers a broad range of subjects to support the unpredictable, specific needs of faculty, students, and researchers. This coverage is powered by billions of data points that are selected based on the authority and reliability of the source provider. All data undergo rigorous evaluation and standardization to make data more usable. Data are mapped to 37 fields of metadata to improve findability for all users so that they can focus their energies on applying data in their coursework and research instead of cleaning and harmonizing data.

Billions of frequently updated data points

  • 65+ billion data points
  • 550+ source databases
  • 90+ data providers
  • Frequency of updates are daily, monthly, quarterly, and annually (as released by the source provider)
  • All mapped to 37 fields of metadata plus searchable indicator titles and multiple filter criteria

16 major subject categories

  • Agriculture and Food
  • Banking, Finance, and Insurance
  • Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement
  • Education
  • Energy Resources and Industries
  • Government and Politics
  • Health and Vital Statistics
  • Housing and Construction
  • Industry, Business, and Commerce
  • International Relations and Trade
  • Labor and Employment
  • Military and Defense
  • Natural Resources and Environment
  • Population and Income
  • Prices, Consumption, and Cost of Living
  • Transportation and Traffic


A streamlined platform for finding and visualizing data 

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Data Planet aims to make data available and usable to everyone. In 2021, our interface was purposefully redesigned (and won an APEX award for Most Improved Website!) to streamline user access to the detailed data they need in the format they need it. This includes special attention to ensuring the interface and its features are accessible to every user. Learn more about Data Planet’s accessibility features with our Accessibility Guide.

Features designed for instructional and research use 

Data Planet iPad Image

*Available for perpetual purchases only

  • Browse by subject, source, or specific geographic location
  • Search across the entire resource and within subject, source, and geography menus
  • Perform detailed criteria search within indicator menus
  • Visualize data using Google Maps, trend analyses, ranking charts, and more
  • Embed dynamic or static iFrame data visualizations into any LMS, LibGuide, or web application
  • Export data into CSV, Excel, XML, SAS, and Shapefiles
  • Bulk download entire datasets in JSON or XML format *
  • Derive new statistics from data using the calculator tool
  • Copy live data feeds via JSON, XML, and Excel links
  • Create durable web links and DOIs to revisit any dataset


Facilitate business, consumer, and industry research with our Premium modules

Data Planet also offers eight premium modules, which are available as supplements to the Core collection. This collection of premium databases enables access to licensed business, consumer market, and industry datasets via a single platform with no direct cost to users:

Overall, Data Planet rates highly in comparison [to other data and analytics products], with its broad coverage of subjects, focus on time series data, provision of raw data that can be downloaded or viewed using the analytical tools, and the overall number of data sources available.

- Charleston Advisor

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