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For instructors, only digital inspection copy requests are available. If you require a print inspection copy, please contact your local Academic Sales Consultant.

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Custom Publishing Service

Draw on SAGE’s vast and diverse list of books and journals to create a custom book specifically suited to your students’ needs.

If you can’t find that one textbook that perfectly suits the need of your course and students, we’re very pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to create your own custom textbook. You can choose from across our publishing range, including: journal articles from SAGE-owned journals, textbook chapters, reference works (where copyright lies with SAGE) and academic supplementary texts and monographs.

Custom publishing guidelines

What are custom publications?
Custom publications are compiled of any combination of SAGE-owned content as well as any material you as an editor may care to write, such as introductions, learning outcomes, or even entire chapters. This way module leaders are able to create a book which follows their course perfectly – you can even integrate your module guide should you wish. This means the book is good value for students, as all content is directly relevant to the course which can be particularly helpful for students who are time-pressured.

You are free to stipulate the title of your book.

If required, we are able to use your affiliation logo on the book.

Custom publications range in price, depending largely on the extent and the size of the print run. As a rough guide, our current custom publications range in price from 31.99-45.00 GBP and have between 300 and 795 printed pages.

What SAGE asks:
There are costs incurred by SAGE in custom publishing (royalties to authors, typesetting, printing and production costs, etc.) so we ask that academics recommend the book to their students for 2 years as the only recommended purchase for the module.

All editors are required to do to create a custom publication, is to send a table of contents listing the material they would like to use, together with any content which they have written themselves.

We will ask you to sign a contract before the book publishes. The purpose of this contract is to ensure that our authors’ copyright is protected and to make sure you have granted us the right to publish any of your own original material.

What SAGE will do:
We can offer help in selecting suitable content.

Typically, custom publications spend between 6-10 weeks in pre-press and printing as they are subject to the same rigorous production standards as any other SAGE book. As we manage all issues regarding permissions and author royalties, we would need to receive your table of contents approximately 8 weeks before the start of your course in order to commit to publishing on time.

Any new material (i.e. an Introduction outlining the aims of the course) is copyedited and proofed in-house.

Existing content will be repaginated and chapters will be re-numbered.

The book will have dedicated preliminary pages, new chapter titles and we will make redactions, as needed.

The book’s cover will have the title, course number (if desired), editor name(s) and logo placed within our standard custom publication design.


To find out more, please contact your local sales representative.