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A Contemporary Introduction

New Edition
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December 2022 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Criminology is a contemporary, applied, and critical criminology textbook that demonstrates the interdisciplinary nature of criminology, and the links between criminological enquiry and wider social and global issues and processes.

Concise, focused and engaging, this second edition masterfully conveys the key issues and perspectives within criminology with ease, and it is accompanied by a range of features to support and test student learning in each chapter. Tony Murphy's accessible writing style and valuable expertise enables students to connect with core and emergent topics and themes within the field.

This fully updated new edition includes:

·        A brand new chapter on social harm / beyond criminology (inclusive of social murder, structural violence, social protest and its governance)

·        More social media focus

·        Topical examples e.g., material on feminicide in relation to counting crime, the creation of new offences in relation to Covid and how this relates to the various definitions of crime, the Afghanistan debacle and more.

This is an essential introductory text that provides the foundation needed for studies in criminology.

Tony Murphy is a Staff Tutor in Criminology at the Open University. 

Introducing The Landscapes Of Criminology
Understanding The Causes And Prevalence Of Crime
‘Theory’, And Its Uses
Criminological Theory: The Causes Of Crime
Doing Criminological Research
Counting Crime
Social Divisions And Crime
The Politics Of Law And Order
Offenders And Victims
Media And Crime
Dealing With Crime And Justice
Social Policy And Crime
Global Justice
Moving Towards A Harms-Based Approach

The book comprehensively covers much in the field of criminology.

Nicola Roberts

Covers content that is 'often overlooked in other texts'

Suzanne Young

Its breadth is a real strength.

Garner Clancey

The books covers much of the theoretical foundations that students will need for their continued studies.

Maria Kaspersson

The book provides important links between criminology and leadership theories which is a positive consideration for students.

Mr Stuart Woodcock
Policing, Chester University
October 19, 2023

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