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CQ Press's Guide to the 2014 Midterm Elections

CQ Press's Guide to the 2014 Midterm Elections

February 2015 | 48 pages | CQ Press

Get beyond horserace coverage and help your students really understand what’s going on in November with CQ Press's Guide to the 2014 Midterm Elections. With veteran journalist and political analyst Chuck McCutcheon’s illuminating supplement, your students will benefit from the broader context and spot-on coverage he provides of
the significance of the upcoming midterm elections—both historically and for the next four years;

  • key races at the House, Senate, and gubernatorial levels and why they matter at a national level; 
  • how the events of the last two years, including the government shutdown, the launch of, and recent Supreme Court decisions on campaign finance will affect the election;
  • the campaign—the strategies used and how they differ from previous contests; and
  • the policy issues that are on the minds of voters and their decision-making.

With a renewed emphasis on why the election matters and how it will impact your students, CQ Press's Guide to the 2014 Midterm Elections is a must-have addition for your introduction to American government course. 

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2014 Midterm Elections: Democrats on the Defensive
Republicans Riding an Electoral Success: What Would This Mean?

Obama’s Disappointing 2013 Lowers Electoral Prospects
What Hasn’t Obama Done More?

Fiscal Problems Distract Legislators and Worry Voters

Obamacare Overshadows the Presidency

GOP Presses Other Issues

The Senate: GOP Could Reclaim the Majority
The House: Redistricting Means Few Contested Races
Financial Contributions Tilt the Campaign Playing Field
The Republicans’ “Civil War”

The Democrats’ Midterm Playbook

Governors’ Races: A Brighter Democratic Picture
The Democrats’ Dilemma in 2014
Looking Ahead to 2016

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