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Courageous Conversations About Race

Courageous Conversations About Race
A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools and Beyond

Third Edition (Updated Edition)
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October 2021 | 312 pages | Corwin

Deepen the dialogue to address racial disparities in your organization

Schools, like all organizations, face a nearly insurmountable hurdle when addressing racial inequities—the inability to talk candidly about race. In this timely update, author Glenn Singleton enables you to break the silence and open an authentic dialogue that forges a path to progress for racial equity. The third edition offers new coverage of the structural inequities in schools and society that have been exposed by the pandemic as well as heightened public awareness of racial injustice.

Courageous Conversations about Race allows you to deepen your personal understanding of race and its impact on all students. You will discover how to apply the strategy and protocol to

  • Embrace the four agreements—stay engaged, speak your truth, experience discomfort and accept non-closure—to deepen interracial dialogue

  • Build a foundation for advancing equity using the Six Conditions of Courageous Conversation

  • Examine the role of race in your life using the Courageous Conversation Compass to understand and guide your actions

  • Expand your capacity to lead others on the journey in addressing institutional racism disparities

This guide empowers you with practical tools and insights to successfully challenge racist policies and practice in schools and beyond. It is your call to leadership—one that will impact student achievement and drive systemic transformation.

About the Author
Chapter 1. Breaking the Silence: Ushering in Courageous Conversation About Race
Racial Achievement Disparities and Other Systemic Racial Inequities

Three Critical Factors

The Courageous Conversation Strategy and Protocol

Chapter 2. What’s So Courageous About This Conversation?
Courageous Conversation

A Difficult Conversation

Chapter 3. Why Race?
The Problem of the Color Line

Racial Disparity

Race as a Factor in Education and Beyond

Dealing With Race

Establishing Common Language Around Race

Do We Have the Will?

Chapter 4. Agreeing to Talk About Race
Racial Consciousness

Four Agreements of Courageous Conversation

Chapter 5. The First Condition: Getting Personal, Right Here and Right Now
Personal, Local, and Immediate

The Impact of Race on My Life

Degree of Racial Consciousness

Racial Consciousness Versus Racial Unconsciousness

Chapter 6. The Second Condition: Keeping the Spotlight on Race
Isolating Race

Unpacking Race

Chapter 7. The Third Condition: Engaging Multiple Racial Perspectives
Social Construction of Knowledge

Surfacing Critical Perspectives

Chapter 8. The Fourth Condition: Keeping Us All at the Table
Interracial Dialogue

Creating Safety

The Courageous Conversation Compass

Chapter 9. The Fifth Condition: What Do You Mean By “Race”?
A Brief History of Race

A Working Definition of Race

Chapter 10. The Sixth Condition: Let’s Talk About Whiteness
White Is a Color

White Privilege

White Is a Culture

White Consciousness

Whiteness as Examined in the Five Conditions

White Racial Identity Development

Chapter 11. How Racial Equity Leaders Eliminate Systemic Racial Disparities
Invisibility Versus Hypervisibility

Understanding Students of Color and Indigenous Students Within a White School

Understanding Systemic White Racism

The Injustice of Gradualism and Incremental Change

Chapter 12. Exploring a Systemic Framework for Achieving Equity in Schools
A Vision of Equity

Systemic Racial Equity Transformation

Chapter 13. Courageous Conversation as a Strategy for Achieving Equity in Schools
Personal Racial Equity Leadership

Individual Teacher Racial Equity Leadership

Whole-School Racial Equity Leadership

Systemic Racial Equity Leadership

References and Selected Bibliography


I really liked this book but found that it wouldn't meet the needs of my students. It only gives them part of the picture, in other words. Since the content of the course is on Antiracist School Counseling, while this book is highly relevant, it didn't provide future counselors with everything they needed to confront racism in schools. I can see myself using this in another situation thought, like a book group I am hoping to put together for students.

Professor Star Zetocha
Education, Grand Valley St Univ-Grand Rap
June 22, 2023

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