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Counselling Adolescents

Counselling Adolescents
The Proactive Approach for Young People

Fifth Edition

October 2019 | 305 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Part I: Understanding the young person
1. The nature of adolescence
2. The influence of childhood experiences
3. Young people’s environments
4. The development of mental health problems
Part II: Counselling Young People and the Proactive Approach
5. Making counselling relevant for young people
6. Theoretical Foundations for a Proactive Approach
7. Promoting change in young people
Part III: A Proactive Process for Counselling Young People
8. The primary counselling functions
9. Proactive counselling in action
10. Counselling micro-skills
11. Symbolic strategies
12. Creative strategies
13. Behavioural and cognitive behavioural strategies
14. Psycho-educational strategies
15. Mindfulness Strategies
16. The use of technology when counselling young people
Part IV: Proactive counselling in practice
17. Professional and ethical issues
18. Case studies

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