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Counseling to End Violence against Women

Counseling to End Violence against Women
A Subversive Model

May 1996 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Feminist theory has viewed violence against women as being a result of a male-dominated society; however, traditional counselling approaches to helping battered women have neither addressed this view nor encouraged social change. The author of this challenging volume seeks to bridge this gap by incorporating feminist theory with counselling practice.

Whalen argues that a counsellor working with an abused woman should not aim merely to empower the client to change a situation that is intolerable for that particular woman: the counsellor should also aim to change the social conditions that foster abuse. The author's model focuses on women collectively seizing power and ending violence against all women.

Counseling and Social Change
Movements for Women's Liberation
Debated Issues in Feminism and the Emergence of Feminist Therapy
The Radical Potential of the Battered Women's Movement
Counseling Practice with Battered Women
Case Study
Counseling in Feminist Social Change Programs

Counseling to End Woman Battering
Carrying It On

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