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Correctional Boot Camps

Correctional Boot Camps
Military Basic Training or a Model for Corrections?

Edited by:
  • Doris L. MacKenzie - University of Maryland, USA
  • Gaylene S. Armstrong - University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA, Sam Houston State University, USA, Southern Illinois University, USA, Arizona State University, USA, University of Maryland, USA

April 2004 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Boot camps have been a subject of much controversy in the corrections field and this book deals with the issues in a forthright manner representing the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and rigorous assessment of correctional boot camps in print. Going beyond cursory examinations of effectiveness it takes a much deeper approach to a greater variety of issues.

This book will act as a resource guide containing many of the most cited findings on boot camps drawn from a variety of sources and covering male, female, juvenile, and adult programs from across the US.

D.L. MacKenzie
Chapter 01. Introduction.
G.S. Armstrong
Chapter 02. Boot Camps as a Correctional Option.
D. L. MacKenzie & D. G. Parent
Chapter 03: Boot Camp Prisons for Young Offenders
D. L. MacKenzie & A. Rosay
Chapter 04. Correctional Boot Camps for Juveniles.
D.L. MacKenzie, L. A. Gould, L. M. Riechers & J. W. Shaw
Chapter 05. Shock incarceration: Rehabilitation or retribution?
D. L. MacKenzie & C. Souryal
Chapter 06. A "Machiavellian" perspective on the development of boot camp prisons: A debate.
D. L. MacKenzie, G. J. Styve, and A. Gover
Chapter 07. Performance Based Standards for Juvenile Corrections
G. J. Styvey, D. L. MacKenzie, A. R. Gover, and O. Mitchell
Chapter 08. Perceived Conditions of Confinement: A National Evaluation of Boot Camps and Traditional Facilities
A. R. Gover, D. L. MacKenzie, and G. Styve
Chapter 09. Boot Camps and Traditional Correctional Facilities for Juveniles: A Comparison of the Participants, Daily Activities and Environments
O. Mitchell, D. L. MacKenzie, A. R. Gover, and G. J. Styve
Chapter 10. The Environment and Working Conditions in Juvenile Boot Camps and Traditional Facilities
SECTION IV. Inmate Adjustment and Change during Incarceration
D. L. MacKenzie, D. B. Wilson, G. S. Armstrong, and A. R. Gover
Chapter 11: The Impact of Boot Camps and Traditional Institutions on Juvenile Residents: Perceptions, Adjustment, and Change
D. L. MacKenzie and C. Souryal
Chapter 12. Inmate Attitude Change During Incarceration: A Comparison of Boot Camp with Traditional Prison
SECTION V. Impact on Future Criminal Activities
D. L. MacKenzie, R. Brame, D. JcDowall, and C. Souryal
Chapter 13. Boot Camp Prisons and Recidivism in Eight States
D. L. MacKenzie, D. B. Wilson, and S. B. Kider
Chapter 14. Effects of Correctional Boot Camps on Offending
SECTION VI. Adjustment in the Community
D. L. MacKenzie and R. Brame
Chapter 15. Shock Incarceration and Positive Adjustment during Community Supervision
D. L. MacKenzie, J. W. Shaw, and C. Souryal
Chapter 16. Characteristics Associated with Successful Adjustment to Supervision
SECTION VII. Special Offender Populations in Boot Camps
D. L. MacKenzie and H. Donaldson
Chapter 17. Boot Camp Prisons for Women Offenders
J. S. Shaw and D. L. MacKenzie
Chapter 18. Shock Incarceration and Its Impact on the Lives of Problem Drinkers
J. W. Shaw and D. L. MacKenzie
Chapter 19. The One-Year Community Supervision Performance of Drug Offenders and Louisiana DOC-Identified Substance Abusers Graduation from Shock Incarceration
SECTION VIII. System Level Impacts
D. L. MacKenzie and A. Piquero
Chapter 20. The Impact of Shock Incarceration Programs on Prison Crowding
SECTION IX. The Future
D.L. MacKenzie and G. S. Armstrong
Chapter 21. Where Do We Go From Here?

"The primary strength of the book is that it provides a fairly comprehensive reader for researchers, teachers, and students interested in a detailed examination of boot camps. In addition, it consolidates a wide variety of articles that discuss the topic of correctional boot camps in one easily accessible location. Consequently, readers interested in the topic of correctional boot camps will walk away from this book with a more detailed knowledge about correctional boot camps then when began and, as such, will find the book a worthwhile read."

David C. May
Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond

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