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Launch Journals

SAGE has established a policy for launch journals in order to increase usage and interest in these new, unique titles.

For Individual Libraries
These journals will be freely available to libraries via an IP-registered trial for the first year of publication (volume 1). This will allow you to add the journals to your knowledgebase and make them available to users at your library via searches and your library catalog. This offer includes perpetual access to volume 1.

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About SAGE Premier

What is SAGE Premier?

SAGE Premier is the largest journals package offered by SAGE. It includes international, peer-reviewed journals, including high-impact research titles published on behalf of over 400 scholarly and professional societies. Its interdisciplinary coverage is unparalleled, spanning subject areas including business; humanities; social sciences; science, technology, medicine; and many more.

SAGE Handbooks: The Latest Releases

SAGE Handbooks are edited collections of specially commissioned chapters that are intended to be reviews, accounts or audits of a discipline or sub-discipline. Each Handbook chapter has breadth, depth, and multiplicity as well as illuminating a theme and identifying  key questions within the discipline.

Browse our latest Handbook publications and forthcoming titles, and enjoy savings when you purchase multi-volume Handbooks pre-publication!

Business & Management Studies

SAGE Publishing expands data offering with the purchase of Data-Planet

SAGE Publishing has today announced the purchase of Data-Planet, a statistical multidisciplinary data repository that has application in academic libraries, public libraries, government and commercial markets.

Speaking of the purchase Karen Phillips, Senior Vice President Global Learning Resources, SAGE commented:

Robo-advisors, financial literacy, and policy changes: New research presents alternative methods to manage income during retirement

The need to help retirees make prudent spending decisions has led to the growth of a large industry of financial advisors, but a new article suggests that improved policy approaches may be more effective. Published in Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences, the study reviews the psychology behind rapid spending decisions and presents five policy options that lead to the smarter self-management of assets.

Special Collections at Sage

As an independent publisher, integrity is a core value of our organization and we are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards across the whole publication process. This commitment is reflected in our Special Collection practices, learn how below.

Our Special Collections

At Sage, we launch Special Collections that:

Acing your presentation

red line dividerPresenting a project or speaking in public doesn’t have to be a nerve-racking nightmare, we promise.

Preparation is key to calming your nerves and, with that in mind, we’ve put together expert insights to help you ace that presentation and communicate with confidence.