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Sophie Laws

Sophie Laws is Head of Policy and Research at Coram, the UK’s first-ever children’s charity. Caroline Harper is Head of the Social Development Programme at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI). Nicola Jones is a Research Fellow in the Social Development Programme at the ODI. Rachel Marcus is an Independent Researcher.

Law, Nicole

Nicole V. Law

Nicole Law, PhD, served as a curriculum coordinator for English language learners, cultural responsivity, AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination), district equity, and mathematics and science instruction in the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Siew Fang Law

Siew Fang Law is a senior lecturer at Victoria University (VU) in Melbourne, Australia, and a professor extraordinarius of University of South Africa. She is the academic course leader of the postgraduate programs in International Community Development in the College of Arts and Education at VU. She teaches in the areas of peace and conflict, mediation and community development.

D. Richard Laws

D.Richard Laws, PhD, was the director of the Sexual Behavior Laboratory at Atascadero State Hospital in California from 1970-1985; project director at the Florida Mental Health Institute, Tampa, from 1985-1989; manager of forensic psychology at Alberta Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta from 1989-1994; and most recently a psychologist with Adult Forensic Psychiatric Services in Victoria, British Columbia from 1994 until his retirement in 1999. Dr.