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Rebecca J. Cline

University) does research on interpersonal communication and health … and researching interpersonal communication). Dr. Cline’s experience … interpersonal communication and health, specifically on HIV/AIDS (prevention …

Anastacia Kurylo

courses in Interpersonal Communication, Advanced Interpersonal Communication … interpersonal, intercultural, and organizational contexts and the implications of …

Sandi W. Smith

interpersonal communication, and Director of the Health and Risk Communication … moderately, if at all; and the portrayal of interpersonal relationships on … Communication Association where she served as Chair of the Interpersonal

Berman, Pearl

Pearl S. Berman

relevant to interpersonal violence into all of her teaching at both the … the National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence and is the Senior … a forensic training program for first responders in cases of interpersonal

Peter Northouse

30 years, he has taught courses in leadership, interpersonal

Motley, Michael

Michael T. Motley

Michael T. Motley (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University; M.A. & B.A., University of Texas) conducts research concerned with the interpersonal tactics … graduate and undergraduate level courses concerned with interpersonal message …

Mark L. Knapp

Interaction (with J. A. Hall); Interpersonal Communication and Human … Interpersonal Communication. Knapp, Mark …

Robin Dale Perrin

publications are in the areas of interpersonal violence, deviance theory, the … a variety of topics related to religion, deviance, and interpersonal violence …

J. P. Gerber

comparison, coolness, interpersonal rejection, and other personality/social …

Leeanne M. Bell

interpersonal communication, and conflict and negotiation processes. Bell …

Stewart, Anita

Anita Stewart

conceptualizing and measuring interpersonal processes of care - between patients and …