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Conducting Research Interviews for Business and Management Students

Conducting Research Interviews for Business and Management Students

February 2015 | 120 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
In Conducting Research Interviews, Catherine Cassell guides you through conceptualizing the interview, preparing for the research interview, conducting the interview, examples, conclusions and next steps.

Ideal for Business and Management students reading for a Master’s degree, each book in the series may also serve as reference books for doctoral students and faculty members interested in the method.

Part of SAGE’s Mastering Business Research Methods Series, conceived and edited by Bill Lee, Mark N. K. Saunders and Vadake K. Narayanan and designed to support researchers by providing in-depth and practical guidance on using a chosen method of data collection or analysis.

Chapter 1: Understanding Research Interviews
Chapter 2: Basic Components of Research Interviews
Chapter 3: Conducting Research Interviews
Chapter 4: Examples of Research Interviews



Practical guide with a lot of good examples. Can be too much for some students, but most can benefit from it a lot.

Mr Matthijs Hammer
School of Business, Building & Technology, Saxion Universities of Prof Education
March 16, 2015

A useful, easy to follow textbook suitable for third year undergraduate students seeking to obtain some essential understanding of basic business research skills, concentrating on how to conduct interviews.

Professor Nondas Pitticas
Business School, University of the West of Scotland
March 15, 2015

Recommended for research students collecting data from interviews. Naturally, it benefits qualitative data researchers more than quantitative (survey) research. The steps of identification, conducting, and analysing are reasonably well discussed.

Mr Kenneth Anthony Wilkinson
Dept of Marketing, Ops & Digital Busin, Manchester Metropolitan University
August 28, 2015

Same as with the other book I inspected from this series, I am not I'm not quite happy with the layout of the book, as it's quite hard to follow. In genereal, however, I find it good to have the different methods split up in individual books, as it is easier for students to handle, that's the reason why I put them on the "supplemental" reading list. The "examples of research interviews" should rather be integrated within the previous chapters than being an individual chapter. I think this would be more helpful.

Ms Stefanie Eichbauer
IMT, Salzburg University of Applied Science
July 31, 2015

Additional reading / reference

Dr Joseph Vella
Marketing , University of Malta
September 4, 2015

Useful advice for Doctoral and Masters level students.

Dr Aileen Lawless
Liverpool Business School, Liverpool John Moores University
September 1, 2015

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