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Communication Skills in Nursing Practice

Communication Skills in Nursing Practice

Second Edition
Edited by:
  • Lucy Webb - Manchester Metropolitan University

December 2019 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Written specifically for student nurses developing their communication and interpersonal skills in any field of nursing. The book addresses all the competencies for communication skills outlined in the 2018 NMC standards and features insightful contributions from experienced nurses and healthcare leaders across different clinical fields.

As communication and interpersonal skills have become essential to modern nursing, this book will focus on demonstrating how the theory behind these skills can be successfully applied in practice. Helping students to become confident, assured communicators when interacting with patients, whilst on placement and into their post-registration nursing career.

The new edition includes the following updates:

·         A new chapter on person-centred care and intercultural communication.

·         Further content on modern forms of communication such as social media and other new technologies.

·         A new theme ‘Emotional intelligence’ integrated throughout the book.

Section 1: Theories of Communication
Lucy Webb
Chapter 1: Introduction to communication skills
Eula Miller and Gayatri Nambiar-Greenwood
Chapter 2: The nurse-patient relationship
Lucy Webb
Chapter 3: How to relate to others effectively
Eula Miller and Lucy Webb
Chapter 4: Active listening and attending: communication skills and the environment
Lucy Webb
Chapter 5: Groups and work
Gayatri Nambiar-Greenwood & Sarah Rutherford
Chapter 6: Effective person-centred and intercultural communication
Section 2: Applying Communication Skills in Nursing
Eula Miller and Lucy Webb
Chapter 7: Theory to practice: communicating therapeutically
Lucy Webb and Clementinah Rooke
Chapter 8: Facing challenges in healthcare communication
Maxine Holt and Lucy Webb
Chapter 9: Health promotion and communication techniques
Lucy Webb
Chapter 10: Professional communication skills for student survival: self-management writing and presenting
Section 3: Advancing Application of Communication Skills
Anne-Marie Borneuf and Jacqui Gladwin
Chapter 11: Communicating in immediate and short-term care situations
Gary Witham
Chapter 12: Communicating with people with chronic and long-term health needs
Caroline Ridley
Chapter 13: Communicating with children, young people and their families
Duncan Mitchell and Garry Diack
Chapter 14: Communication and the cognitively impaired patient
Maxine Holt and Clementinah Rooke
Chapter 15: Engagement, motivation and changing behaviour
Lucy Webb
Chapter 16: Communication for personal and professional development: pre-registration and post-registration

To whom it may concern,
Thank you for opportunity to check the book for my Interpersonal Relationships class. I would like to have a hard copy of this book if I would have a chance. Kind regards,

Miss Merve Murat
Nursing, Science Health
January 26, 2023