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Coaching Skills

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Take a look below at the free resources on coaching below. We've put together these pages with videos, sample chapters, questionnaires and various other useful resources to help you get the best start in coaching. These pages cover the key considerations for anyone starting out in a career in coaching; the dilemmas and practice of ethical questions, the practical skills required and the ins and outs of professional coaching.



Starting Out in Coaching? If you’re new to coaching you’re probably being introduced to concepts and ideas that you’re not yet familiar with. We’ve gathered some resources which answer common questions, and give advice on structuring that first session. 


Ethics in Coaching. What do we mean by ethics? How can a coach determine if they are being truly ethical in their practice? Navigating the ethical dilemmas which present themselves in coaching sessions can be challenging. 


Skill in Coaching: You already have the skills needed to be an effective coach: the ability to listen to others, to ask questions and to summarise. However there are certain ways of applying these skills in order to enable stimulating one-to-one conversations with others. Make use of the resources below to fine-tune your coaching skills. 


Professional Issues. There are a number of things to consider when setting up as professional coaches. To help with this, we have put together a collection of practical resources which can help to prepare for practice.