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Child Observation

Child Observation
A Guide for Students of Early Childhood

Fourth Edition

August 2019 | Learning Matters
This is a key text that enables students to appreciate and understand the central role of observation in understanding, planning for and educating early years children. It explores the theoretical background to child observation and links it back to practice. Recent important research in the field of child observation is highlighted and ethical implications of research in early childhood are considered. This is essential for all those studying for degrees and foundation degrees in early childhood, early years and related disciplines and for Early Years Teacher candidates. 

  • Updated in line with recent policy and legislation changes
  • A new chapter helps students understand the context of early childhood in England and elsewhere
  • Includes material and case studies that explores the essential elements of child observation across the world
  • Research chapter re-written to make it more accessible for all students
  • More case studies throughout linking theory to practice.
    Introduction: Policy context and observation
    1. The pedagogy of early childhood education
    2. The role of observation in early childhood education
    3. Observation Techniques
    4. Analysing and documenting observations
    5. Ethical implications
    6. Observing for development
    7. Observing for research
    8. Observing children remotely
    9. Observing for the curriculum

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