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Bundle: Kernell:The Logic of American Politics, 5e + Kernell: Principles and Practice of American Politics, 5e + Benenson: Winning in 2012

Bundle: Kernell:The Logic of American Politics, 5e + Kernell: Principles and Practice of American Politics, 5e + Benenson: Winning in 2012

July 2012 | CQ Press

We offer these texts bundled together at a discount for your students.

Samuel Kernell, Gary C. Jacobson, Thad Kousser, The Logic of American Politics, Fifth Edition
The American people—and their government—are deeply at odds over how best to overcome the obstacles currently facing the country. After observing the strains of intense partisanship and divided government, your students are probably asking what logic, if any, can be found in politics. The new fifth edition of Logic reaffirms this best-seller's place as the most accessible "smart" book on the market. Weaving together historical context, current politics, and analytic concepts, Logic builds students' understanding of political institutions and practices as imperfect solutions to collective action problems.

Consistently praised for its engaging narrative, Logic hooks students with great storytelling while arming them with a "toolkit" of institutional design concepts—command, veto, agenda control, voting rules, delegation.

Walking students through examples of how each concept works, the authors also highlight passages that apply collective action themes so students cannot miss key points.

Up-to-date in its coverage of such hot-button issues as health care and financial reform, the midterm elections, and racial profiling and immigration, this fifth edition also pays special attention to political polarization. Throughout the book, the authors consistently return to the country's divide—among constituents and in government—as they guide students through the fundamentals of American politics.

More than 100 tables, figures, and maps offer visual context to an array of political data and analysis, while over 230 carefully chosen photographs enhance the book's examples and insights. Bolded key terms, a glossary, annotated reading lists, review questions, and a companion website help students read, think, and study.

Samuel Kernell, Steven S. Smith, Principles and Practice of American Politics: Classic and Contemporary Readings, Fifth Edition

Bob Benenson, Winning in 2012: CQ Press's Guide to the Elections

Once again, CQ Press provides your students with a valuable supplement that provides an insider's guide to the 2012 elections. Journalist and analyst Bob Benenson lays out a road map to help students understand:

  • the ups and downs, ins and outs of the nomination process and the primaries;
  • the key Congressional and gubernatorial contests in battleground states;
  • the policy issues at play this election season—such as the economy and jobs, tax revenue versus cuts in government spending, Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party movement, immigration, and health care; and
  • how these 2012 elections fit within the context of past elections.

Winning in 2012 is the perfect jumping off point for your intro American government course—a resource students can continually refer to as they assess the candidates and make sense of the issues.

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