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The Superintendent's Planner

The Superintendent's Planner
A Monthly Guide and Reflective Journal

October 2008 | 152 pages | Corwin
A practical planning tool with concrete tasks and tips for new or experienced superintendents! Written by seven outstanding superintendents, this reflective calendar and planning journal helps superintendents address day-to-day concerns while maintaining a focus on increasing student achievement. Month-to-month, this planner takes administrators from July through June, provides checklists and templates for overlaying timelines with events, and presents issues for reflection and action that include:

maintaining visibility and effective communication

monitoring program, curriculum, and achievement objectives

building relationships among the educational community

developing the budget

coaching and mentoring

planning ahead, establishing new goals, and facing unexpected events and challenges

About the Authors
1. Welcome to the Superintendency

About the Book

From Us

2. July and August: Reflecting and Getting Ready for the New Year
Organizing and Preparing for the Year

Taking Care of Yourself and Your Family

Ensuring Schools Are Ready to Open

Reviewing Board Policies

Focusing on the Year Ahead

Speaking From Experience

3. September and October: Starting Smoothly and Settling In
Opening Year Communication

Staff Evaluation

School Board Elections

Showing Up

Speaking From Experience

4. November and December: Checking In and Celebrating Progress
Solidifying Board Relationships

Building Positive Board Communication

Monitoring the Current Budget

Monitoring Programs and Student Achievement Data

Assessing Facility Needs

Speaking From Experience

5. January and February: Taking Stock and Planning for Next Year
Developing a Long-Range Plan

Budget Forecasting for the Next Year

Reviewing the Curriculum and Establishing Goals

Communicating New Focus Areas and Priorities

Sharing the State of the District

Speaking From Experience

6. March and April: Staying Focused and Facing Challenges
Budget Planning

Planning for Facility Upgrades

Targeting Personnel Actions

Monitoring Curriculum, Instruction, and Student Testing Plans

Planning Board and Leadership Team Workshops and Retreats


Begin Evaluation of Administrative Staff

Speaking From Experience

7. May and June: Wrapping Up and Celebrating
Budget Adoption

Reviewing New Staff Hiring

Superintendent Evaluation

Debriefing With Board Members

Scheduling Attendance at Year-End Events for You and the Board Members

Planning Time for Handling Difficult Issues

Finalizing Summer Activities

Finalizing Plans for Next Year's Pre-Opening Activities

Reviewing the District Media and Communication Plan

Completing Summative Evaluations of the People Who Report to You

Preparing the Internal Meeting Calendar for Board and Senior Staff

Speaking From Experience

8. The Routine and Expected
Planning, Leading, and Attending to Meetings

Monitoring for Accountability

Establishing Relationships and Building Community

Building Internal Leadership Capacity

Speaking From Experience

9. Crises, the Unexpected, Caveats, and Musings
The Unexpected

But Then, There Are the Wonderful Things

A Word About You

Resource A: School Site Inspection
Resource B: Site Readiness Inspection Sheet
Resource C: Summary of School Inspections
Resource D: Key Actions Checklist
Resource E: Custodian School Inspection Sheet
Resource F: Playground Inspections
Resource G: Portable Building Inspections
Resource H: Human Resource Annual Calendar
Resource I: Meeting Schedule
Resource J: Administrator Evaluation Form
Resource K: Administrator Evaluation Process
Resource L: Budget Guidelines
Resource M: Budget Calendar
Resource N: Planned Priorities
Resource O: Organization Chart
Resource P: Information for Board Members
Resource Q: School District Responsibility Chart

"A concise resource that can serve as a reference for the new superintendent as well as a refresher for the seasoned superintendent. Information is presented in a chronological fashion rather than by theme, so the book serves as a great planning tool to integrate with the board of education annual calendar."

Dan Lawson, Superintendent
Tullahoma City Schools, TN

"A thoughtful contribution of the utmost importance for district planning as well as a guide for how the superintendent effectively leads the organization. This book provides rationale and examples that help administrators perform at a higher level."

Douglas Hesbol, Superintendent
Laraway CCSD #70C, Joliet, IL

"Without a doubt, this book will be a treasure for any new superintendent! It's a perfect ‘bible’ for the beginning superintendent. I wish I had this at my side when I first began."

Marie Blum, Superintendent
Canaseraga Central School District, NY

"I do not believe I have ever seen a guide that is so practical and current. I particularly liked the advice on communications, celebrations, board relationships, and community involvement. Those are the kinds of interpersonal gestures and activities that go beyond just following a checklist and are critical to the success of new and experienced superintendents."

Brenda S. Dietrich, Superintendent
Auburn-Washburn School District, Topeka, KS

"I love the monthly structure of the book. If superintendents follow these monthly guides, I am certain they would avoid the pitfalls to which many leaders succumb."

Mike Ford, Superintendent
Phelps-Clifton Springs CSD, NY

"As an experienced superintendent, I found the book fascinating to read, and I found myself comparing the suggestions presented in each chapter with tasks that I would list during that same time period. This would be a gift that I would give to mentees and new superintendents."

Robert Frick, Superintendent
Lampeter-Strasburg School District, PA

The Superintendent's Planner will be a supplemental Textbook in our course The Modern Superintendency.

Dr Jack K Barshinger
College Of Education, Aurora University
January 28, 2016

1. Month to Month guide provides students with a format to complete their own portfolios.
2. Easy to read.

Professor Mireille Singh
Educational Admin Dept, National University
August 10, 2013

An excellent planner for superintendents, but I had already chosen several books for this class. I will seriously consider it in the future, however.

Dr Gregory Hicks
Leadership, Policy, and Adult and Higher Education, North Carolina State University
August 25, 2012

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