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The Principal as Mathematics Leader

The Principal as Mathematics Leader

March 2009 | 128 pages | Corwin
This book is written to help school leaders support mathematics education in schools. It is for both new administrators, principals, assistant/vice principals, or instructional leaders who do not have a strong background in mathematics education as well as for math coaches and the experienced mathematics leader. It provides a concise summary and overview of research about the changes in mathematics education; discusses the principalÆs role in leading effective mathematics instruction; offers strategies for observing and evaluating mathematics instruction in classrooms; provides suggestions for supporting faculty, including co-teaching and job embedded professional learning initiatives; and includes tools and templates school leaders can use in their work with faculty.
1. A Vision for Learning Mathematics
Mathematics Reform

Teacher Change in Mathematics

Teachers? Attitudes and Perceptions About Mathematics Teaching and Learning

Teachers? Understanding of Mathematics Content and Pedagogy

The Principal?s Role

2. Observing and Evaluating a Mathematics Classroom
Identifying Teacher Practices in Exemplary Mathematics Classrooms

Problem Solving

Mathematics Manipulatives

A Balanced Program


Literature Connections

Assessment and Evaluation

The Principal?s Role

3. What Can Principals Do?
Gap Analysis

Schoolwide Mathematics Improvement Plan

Supporting Teacher Growth and Development

High-Yield Strategies

Professional Learning Communities or Teams

Job-Embedded Learning


Teacher Moderation: Collaborative Assessment of Student Work

Lesson Study

Book Study

Other Strategies

4. Tools for Success



Mathematics Manipulatives

Worldwide Web Resources

Math Puzzles and Bulletin Boards

Mathematics Buddies

School Homework Club and Peer Tutoring

Math Clubs

Mathematics Pictures and Video Recordings

Mathematics Fairs and Career Days

Home and School Connections

Principal Resources
Resource 1: OAME Vision Statement

Resource 2: Observing and Evaluating a Mathematics Classroom

Resource 3: Gap Analysis: The Effective Mathematics Classroom

Resource 4: Children?s Books With Mathematics Themes


“This series of publications addresses some of the most important improvement challenges facing school leaders today. The authors of the series bring a remarkable combination of deep, practical experience and academic sophistication to these challenges. The series should be required reading for all school leaders.”

Ken Leithwood, Professor
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

“At last, a series of outstanding books by practicing administrators, for practicing principals. Avoiding high-flown theory on the one hand and mere lists of bullet points on the other, these books represent the best that highly expert leaders have to offer—intellectually informed ideas about how to deal with the compelling practical issues of principalship. Getting down from the ivory tower and stepping out of the principal’s office, these authors offer some of the most important and useful books about leadership that principals can buy.”

Andy Hargreaves, Thomas More Brennan Chair in Education
Boston College

“This series of little volumes offers a plethora of rich ideas ranging from practice and specific methods right down to easy-to-use worksheets. It provides a valuable resource for new principals who would become accomplished instructional leaders and also for seasoned principals looking to strengthen their leadership capacity.”

Roland S. Barth, Former Teacher and Principal
Founding Director, Harvard Principals’ Center

“This is a great series that allows school principals to integrate theory and practice themselves, resulting in highly insightful and practical strategies that will make a difference in schools. Practitioners: lead thyselves!”

Michael Fullan, Professor Emeritus
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

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