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Prevention That Works!

Prevention That Works!
A Guide For Developing School-Based Drug and Violence Prevention Programs

July 2001 | 240 pages | Corwin
Despite the growing availability of information on effective drug and violence prevention programmes, schools continue to use programmes that have not been proven effective. Some are using model programmes, but have changed the content or design enough so that the features that made them effective are gone. Or worse, they continue to use programmes that have been proven ineffective simply because that is what is easiest, or most familiar.

The school shootings over the last few years are solid reminders that schools can no longer do just anything and call it adequate prevention. It is more critical than ever to learn from the examination of previous prevention efforts and not make the same mistakes a second time in this new arena of violence prevention.

Getting Started
Establishing Your Work Group

Writing Goals and Objectives
Program Review, Selection, and Implementation
Creating Homegrown Programs
Elements of Effective Prevention

Additional Data Collection
Preparing for Assessment of Program Effectiveness

Self-Report Questionnaires and Focus Groups
Collecting Information From Students

Cost and Time Effectiveness
Experimental Design - The Basics
Experimental Designs for Different Program Types
Crunching Your Numbers and Organizing Your Data
Public Presentation of Your Results
Troubleshooting Your Results

"Easy to read and understand, with a wealth of resource ideas. Very helpful for even a novice to understand and lead school and community groups through developing a practical prevention plan." 

Jane Todey
Bureau of Children, Family, & Community Services, Iowa Department of Education, Des Moines, IA


"A good beginning tool for those in need to get the job done immediately."

Bertha Caldwell
Bureau of Children, Family, and Community Services, Des Moines, IA

"Knowles does a fine job of reaching her goal of providing a practical and accessible book for the practitioner charged with selecting, implementing, and evaluating prevention programs in two problem areas that dramatically affect the health of our children."

Contemporary Psychology APA Review of Books, April 2003

Sample Materials & Chapters


Chapter 1: Getting Started

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