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Organize, Communicate, Empower!

Organize, Communicate, Empower!
How Principals Can Make Time for Leadership

April 2004 | 136 pages | Corwin
Time-Saving Tips for Busy Principals

(Foreword by Michael Fullan) highlights techniques to achieving the three key essentials for effective performance as an educational leader. This book will provide leaders with skills and strategies related to Organization, Communication, and Empowerment, three areas that are foundational to effective leadership. The underlying purpose of this book addresses the importance for educational leaders to develop methods for efficiently taking care of the technical aspects of management in order to achieve the time element needed to be the instructional leaders he/she aspires to become. This book provides leaders with tools to ease the complex job of leadership manageable so that productivity is increased and energy sustained.


} very tips-oriented focus - almost an activity book for principals

} good counterbalance to our heavy leadership focus in administration

} especially effective for new principals.

About the Author
Section I. Organization
1. Organization of the Facility

Stackable Shelves

Meeting Space

Hallways and Community Areas

Chapter Review

2. Organization of Time
Getting Organized From the Start

Appointments and Messages

First Things First

Chapter Review

3. Organization of Programs
Developing Learning Blocks

Learning Expectations

Monitoring Student Progress

Professional Development Plans

Monitoring Staff

Chapter Review

Section II. Communication
4. Communicating With Building Staff
Planning and Preparation

Forms of Communication

Genuine Listening

Group Processing Strategies

Chapter Review

5. Communicating With Parents and Community Members

Written Communication Basics

Forms of Written Communication

Face-to-Face Communication

Chapter Review

6. Communicating With District Personnel
Considering the District Viewpoint

Communicating Building Needs

Managing the District Paper Trail

Sharing Building Information

Chapter Review

Section III. Empowerment
7. Giving Up Control and Extending Support

Planning and Communicating


Chapter Review

8. Designing and Implementing Leadership Teams
Identifying Team Outcomes

Forming a Leadership Team

Steps to Ensure Team Success

Chapter Review

9. Using Data to Empower and Gain Staff Commitment
Serving as the Tour Guide

Serving as the Law Enforcement Officer

Chapter Review

Closing Remarks

"Shaver has captured the basic elements for success for novice principals and assistant principals. In a friendly, conversant style, she describes many logistical aspects of the job, giving multiple suggestions for ways to make these less of a burden for the school leader."

Janet Kruse Alcorn, Director
Tointon Institute for Educational Change, University of Northern Colorado

"As the face of education continues to change, Organize, Communicate, Empower! fills a major gap for educational leaders. It provides clear, straightforward direction on how to develop a successful school system where staff, parents, and students play a vital role."

David Stewart, West Virginia Superintendent of Schools
West Virginia Department of Education

"This is a practical ‘how to be successful in the early years’ book for school leaders and a wonderful resource for practicing veterans."

Rich Rusak, Senior Consultant
Synergy Development Group, L.L.C.

"This resource highlights skills and strategies that can help school leaders balance daily duites and increase productivity."

Educational Research Services' ERS Bulletin, June 2004

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Chapter 1: Organization of the Faculty

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