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Muslim Backward Classes

Muslim Backward Classes
A Sociological Perspective

First Edition
Critical Acclaim

September 2013 | 314 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

This book presents the sociological perspectives on Muslim OBCs as a category determined by the Indian State. Although Muslims constitute an important part of the population and are the second largest religious community in the world, as well as in India, social scientists rarely undertake this community to analyze their socioeconomic and educational development. Muslim Backward Classes provides a comprehensive explanation of the origin and meaning of the term “backward class,” followed with the historical perspectives of Muslim backwardness in India.

The volume fills the gap in the literature and presents a broad-based picture of the problems of Muslim OBCs, highlighting the questions of justice and equal opportunity to all groups irrespective of religion.



An Overview of Muslims in India

Origin of Backward Classes

Muslim Backwardness in India

Stratification among Muslims in India: A Caste, Class Debate

Sociological Dimensions among Muslim OBCs

Internal Dynamics among Muslim OBCs: An Interpretation

Millennium Development Goals and Muslim OBCs


Appendix 1 : India’s MDG Framework: Goals, Targets, and Indicators

Appendix 2. The Central Government Schemes and Commissions for the Minorities

Appendix 3. Central List of OBCs for the State of Uttar Pradesh

Appenidix 4. Questionnaire




A fresh and interesting perspective on social stratification among Muslims in India.


The work is an Interesting study of social, economic and educational condition of the OBCs among Muslims in India...the study has tried to fill the gaps in the literature on Muslims and generated empirical evidence from the data which shows under-representation of Muslim OBCs in India.

Journal of Intercultural Studies

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