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The Multigenerational Workplace

The Multigenerational Workplace
Communicate, Collaborate, and Create Community

January 2014 | 160 pages | Corwin
Collaboration between professionals of all generations is an essential factor in school success. What do Boomers need from younger generations? What do GenXers and Millennials have to offer Boomers? Each generation wants to contribute and to feel empowered. The youngest generation wants an equal voice; Boomers want to leave a legacy; GenXers want to make a difference.

This book, based on a very popular workshop that Abrams has presented across the U.S. and Canada, will address how all educators can look through a generational filter to be more effective communicators, teachers and administrators; to help retain those who may be more easily frustrated at their lack of immediate success; and to plan for succession by future generations of leaders.

Concrete tools are key elements of the book, helping readers to define the generations and their needs, to identify themselves on the continuum, and to plan ways to bridge generational differences.

About the Authors
Introduction: Lost in Translation
1. Defining the Generations
2. Working with Multiple Generations
3. School Savvy Etiquette
4. Communicate to Collaborate
5. Recruiting and Retaining the Generations
6. Differentiating Professional Learning for the Generations
7. Succession Planning
Bibliography and References

"Few people today are taking on this topic, particularly in the U.S. One of the greatest leadership challenges of this age is how to work across generations. Newer generations are not flawed versions of previous generations—each has its own compelling perspective to contribute. This is the best book to add to an issue that affects all educators and will open up many people's thinking about leadership." 

Andy Hargreaves, Thomas More Brennan Chair
Lynch School of Education, Boston College, MA

"Readers of The Multigenerational Workplace will be inspired to reflect and respond to the complexities of their workplace and motivate diverse generations for today and into the future. In addition, collaborative teams will find this book useful in enhancing their ability to communicate across generations."

Clara Howitt, Superintendent of Education/Trustee
Learning Forward

“A massive exodus of Baby Boomers combined with a huge influx of Millennials has created a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reinvent the teaching profession for today’s world.  To make this possibility a reality, we will have to abandon 20th-century human capital solutions that have become 21st-century problems.  We will have to rethink the teaching career from recruitment through retirement. In The Multigenerational Workplace, Jennifer Abrams and Valerie von Frank give school leaders the data, strategies, and tools they need to successfully navigate this transition.”

Tom Carroll, President
National Commission on Teaching & America's Future, Washington, DC

"This book will quickly become an essential on every leader’s bookshelf, offering a framework that is helpful to all of us who lead multigenerational organizations along with practical tools and activities to assist in planning and facilitation. Being on the cusp of Gen X and Gen Y and a leader of a team of teachers that includes Baby Boomers through Millennials, this book will be an essential resource for me."

Zoe Duskin, Principal
Inspired Teaching Demonstration Public Charter School, Washington, DC

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