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Making ALL Kids Smarter

Making ALL Kids Smarter
Strategies That Help All Students Reach Their Highest Potential

January 2011 | 152 pages | Corwin
This book helps teachers plan a challenging programme for students, particularly gifted students, within a regular education classroom. It addresses brain-compatible learning, which makes it appropriate for a much wider group of students than just the very brightest. Approaches and strategies are explained in a unique and personal style and include the following: use of inter-disciplinary themes, analytical thinking exercises, teaching moral dilemmas, Socratic questioning techniques, increasing depth and complexity through interactive games, activities to promote creative thinking, using graphic organizers, and teaching research skills and methods. The author demonstrates how all these strategies and approaches work together to help teachers create a more meaningful learning experience for all students. An added benefit of the author's training, as reflected in this book, is to help put the creativity and search for knowledge back into the learning process.
About the Author
1. Who Are the Gifted
2. Brain-Compatible Classrooms
3. The Four Components of Differentiation
4. Interdisciplinary Thematic Instruction
5. The Icons of Depth of Complexity
6. Questioning Strategies
7. Questioning Strategies in Evaluative Thinking Using Moral Dilemmas
8. Socratic Reasoning Techniques
9. The Creativity Connection
10. Teaching Research Skills and Methods

“The author provides a wide range of strategies that will increase the depth and complexity of learning for every child. It will be a must-read for every educator looking to increase the rigor of his or her learning expectations.”

Kathy Tritz-Rhodes, Principal
Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn Schools, IA

“This is an instant gratification, pick-up-and-use-immediately, teacher-friendly book. I got so excited about the strategies that I immediately began to use some of them in my classroom."

Mary Beth Cary, Teacher of the Gifted
Worth County Primary School, Sylvester, GA

"John's wealth of knowledge and humor make his trainings exciting. Our teachers leave his workshops with hands-on techniques to make differentiation for their GATE students more challenging and meaningful."

Mary O'Rourke, GATE Coordinator
Adelanto School District, CA

"I truly value the skills and insights I came away with from this work. Thanks to DeLandtsheer, I now believe I can teach, and think, outside the box."

Katherine Kingsley, 2nd Grade Teacher
John Green Elementary School, Dublin, CA

"Excellent instruction in teaching and understanding GATE students. I look forward to trying my new skills."

Linda Laymon, 3rd Grade Teacher
Adelanto School District, Victorville, California

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Chapter 1: The Gifted Child

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