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Involving Parents of Students With Special Needs

Involving Parents of Students With Special Needs
25 Ready-to-Use Strategies

June 2008 | 192 pages | Corwin
This resource offers a unique, teacher-friendly collection of ready-to-use techniques for involving the parents of students with special needs in the education of their children. Jill Dardig provides detailed descriptions of 25 parent communication and involvement strategies, each followed by models or templates appropriate for implementing the strategy at the pre-school, primary and secondary levels. Mainstream and special education teachers can select a strategy, choose the model that most closely resembles their teaching situation, adapt the strategy or use it as is, and immediately put it into practice. The models are appropriate for all types of settings, including self-contained classes, resource rooms, and full- or partial-inclusion classrooms.
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1. Introduction
Parent Involvement Is Important and Up to You!

Your Personal Philosophy of Parent Involvement

2. Getting Started
Strategy 1: Personalized Letterhead

Strategy 2: Parent Contact Log

Strategy 3: Introductory Letter

Strategy 4: Parent Volunteer Invitation

3. Designing Your Classroom to Educate Parents
Strategy 5: The Visible Curriculum

4. Group Written Communication and Interaction
Strategy 6: Suggestion Box Letter

Strategy 7: Class Newsletter

5. Personalized Written Communication and Interaction
Strategy 8: Weekly Progress Report

Strategy 9: Parent Appreciation Letter

Strategy 10: Print Resource Letter

Strategy 11: Internet Resource Letter

Strategy 12: E-mail Communication

6. Telephone Communication
Strategy 13: Phone Call to an Organization

Strategy 14: Phone Calls to Parents

Strategy 15: Voicemail

7. In-Person Meetings
Strategy 16: Parent Group Meetings

Strategy 17: Pre-Conference Parent Survey

Strategy 18: Tips for Successful Conferences

8. Helping Parents Teach Their Children at Home
Strategy 19: IEP/IFSP Practice Letter

Strategy 20: Home Activity Calendar

Strategy 21: Home Response Cards

Strategy 22: Make-It-Take-It Workshop

Strategy 23: Summer Activities Letter

9. Challenges to Parent Involvement
Strategy 24: Conflict Situations

Obstacles to Parent Involvement

10. Staying Organized and Planning for Next Year
Strategy 25: Parent Involvement Portfolio

Parent Involvement Action Plan


"This book makes a great contribution to the field of not only special education, but also general education. Teachers across specialties will find these strategies helpful for facilitating communication with parents and caregivers."

Erin Jones, Special Education Teacher
Tea Area Elementary School, SD

"Involving parents on a positive level is essential to educating all students, especially students with special needs. This book helps you with real-world situations—something that most college courses cannot prepare you for. Easy and user-friendly, this book provides you with strategies and tools to aid in communicating with parents."

Laura Peterson, Special Education Teacher
Center School, Stow, MA

GREAT book. Hands-on Activities are useful and applicable.

Dr Terri Hessler
Education Dept, Ohio State University - Newark
October 17, 2012

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Chapter 1: Introduction

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