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The Indian CEO

The Indian CEO
A Portrait of Excellence

First Edition

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July 2016 | 264 pages | SAGE Response
Recognizing the pivotal role of leadership in building sustainable corporations, this book analyzes the key qualities that go into the making of a successful CEO in the Indian business environment. Based on a landmark study which covered some of the most successful business leaders in India, The Indian CEO uses the framework developed by David McClelland of Harvard University, to determine key competencies necessary for Indian business leaders to steer their corporations in the rapidly changing business and social environments.

This book is based on in-depth interviews with outstanding Indian business leaders, and includes a detailed study of the most effective behaviors vis-à-vis the most common situations faced by these leaders; and the behaviors and characteristics of Indian CEOs vis-à-vis their global counterparts. The authors discuss qualities such as change and team leadership, accountability, empowerment, networking and executive maturity among other critical dimensions of leadership in this emerging economy.
Foreword Richard E Boyatzis
Foreword by Richard E. Boyatzis
Indian Leaders: Challenges in Execution
Research Methods
Introduction to the Indian CEO Model
A Case Study of Competencies in Action
Socially Responsible Business Excellence
Energizing the Team
Managing the Environment
Inner Strength
In a Turnaround Situation
In Improving a Business
In Launching Something New
In Boundary Management
The Way Forward

The book, The Indian CEO, chronicles the results of the study and identifies a set of leadership qualities that has enabled the CEOs to lead their companies to the top. Based on in-depth interviews and case studies, the book covers different situations the CEOs had to tackle: turnarounds start-ups and improving a steady state.

Outlook Business

This book describes the consistent characteristics and behaviour of the best Indian CEOs at this time….The book conveys some suggestions for various ways to make the overall Indian context more enabling of business success and growth.

Free Press Journal

This book should be interesting not only for organisational management experts and business leaders, but also for public  servants interested in the world leadership and human resource management, For it has a message not only for our existing leaders across all sectors but also for those waiting in the wings.

The Financial Express

This book is a much-needed addition to the small but growing literature on management in India.

Business Today

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