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Emotional Disorders and Learning Disabilities in the Elementary Classroom

Emotional Disorders and Learning Disabilities in the Elementary Classroom
Interactions and Interventions

May 2001 | 160 pages | Corwin
`We especially liked the introductions to each chapter with small and wise citations like: "there is very little access to the brain when the heart is in pain" or "laughter is better". We believe this book to be a good practical resource for teachers working with children with learning disabilities' - International Journal of Adolescent Medical Health

`Simply put the students with disabilities should be learning the same challenging curriculum as other students. Though this is a simple concept, the diverse needs of the students with disabilities make implementation of this requirement complex. The authors have provided the field with a valuable resource for meeting this challenge' - Thomas Hehir, Former Director, Office of Special Education Programs, UD Department of Education

Written for primary school teachers, this book provides an overview of research on learning disabilities and emotional/behaviour disorders and serves as a practical guide to intervention. It investigates five ways in which learning disabilities and emotional functioning interact. Specifically, learning disabilities can result in emotional consequences; emotional problems may mask learning disabilities; learning disabilities may exacerbate existing emotional problems; emotional problems can intensify learning disabilities; and emotional health enhances learning. Case studies help illustrate the problems and concepts discussed. Acknowledging the real demands placed on today's teachers, it is written from a realistic point of view. The book provides numerous ideas and activities for teacher intervention. Also included are reproducibles for classroom use.

With its joint focus on research and interventions, Overcoming Emotional & Learning Disabilities in the Elementary Classroom makes dealing with learning disabilities and emotional problems more understandable, tangible, and therefore, effective.


About the Author
Part I: Overview of Learning Disabilities and Emotional Disorders
1. Common Learning Disabilities
2. Common Social, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
Part II: Classroom Interactions and Interventions
3. Learning Disorders Are Associated with Emotional Problems
4. Emotional Problems Can Hide Learning Disabilities
5. Learning Disabilities Can Exacerbate Emotional Conditions
6. Emotional Problems Can Intensify Learning Disorders
7. Emotional Health Enhances Learning
Resource A: Additional Resources
Resource B: Annotated Bibliography of Children's Books and Materials

Up-to-date and well-organized. Examples and suggested interventions are very teacher friendly!

James McLeskey, Professor and Chair
Dept. of Special Education, University of Florida

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