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Catch a Falling Reader

Catch a Falling Reader

Second Edition

February 2008 | 160 pages | Corwin
Catch a Falling Reader is a guide for teachers and literacy coaches to 'catch and lift' children who have not developed successful literacy skills. This motivational book instructs, supports, and inspires teachers and coaches as they strive to improve the confidence and performance of struggling readers in the primary grades.The author, a well-known consultant and trainer, offers reader-friendly, research-based strategies that can open up academic and social opportunities for youngsters when reading and writing inadequacies are caught before frustration, bad habits, and low self-esteem take root and grow. Readers will learn what works and doesn't work in the effort help children become independent readers, writers, and thinkers, and will discover: How to recognize when a child is falling When to make the catch What to do about it
About the Author
Part I. Motivation Works Wonders
1. Catch a Falling Reader by...Standing on a Chair and Clapping
2. Catch a Falling Reader by...Using the Power of the Book Choice
3. Catch a Falling Reader by...Adjusting Our Tone of Voice...Frequently
4. Catch a Falling Reader by...Making Eye Contact at Teachable Moments
5. Catch a Falling Reader by...Adjusting the Pace of Each Lesson
6. Catch a Falling Reader by...Using Different Forms of Feedback
7. Catch a Falling Reader by...Setting a Purpose for Reading
8. Catch a Falling Reader by...Stimulating and Motivating Children With Puppets
9. Catch a Falling Reader by...Using Physical Actions to Help Kids Remember
10. Catch a Falling Reader by...Creating Bridges for Kids
Part II. Instructional Strategies Produce Results
11. Catch a Falling Reader by...Teaching From "Behind" the Child
12. Catch a Falling Reader by...Utilizing Wordless Books to Increase Language Skills
13. Catch a Falling Reader by...Modeling What Good Readers Do
14. Catch a Falling Reader by...Using a Clipboard for Tricky Words
15. Catch a Falling Reader by...Teaching Them How to Think as They Read
16. Catch a Falling Reader by...Using Magnetic Letters in a Variety of Ways
17. Catch a Falling Reader by...Writing Words FAST
18. Catch a Falling Reader by...Engaging Learners With an Overhead Projector
19. Catch a Falling Reader by...Encouraging Repeated Readings
20. Catch a Falling Reader by...Establishing and Supporting a Daily Block of Reading Time
21. Catch a Falling Reader by...Teaching Kids How to Use a Listening Center
22. Catch a Falling Reader by...Building Fluency in a Variety of Ways
23. Catch a Falling Reader by...Using Focus Sheets and Graphic Organizers to Link Writing to Reading
24. Catch a Falling Reader by...Providing Engaging Learning Center Activities
25. Catch a Falling Reader by...Interacting With Kids as They Write
26. Catch a Falling Reader by...Providing Daily Read-Alouds
Part III. Reflection Promotes Action
27. Catch a Falling Reader by...Seeking Balance Among "Best Practices"
28. Catch a Falling Reader by...Knowing What Each Child Needs
30. Catch a Falling Reader by...Observing What Good Readers Do
31. Catch a Falling Reader by...Breaking the Six Habits of Falling Readers
32. Catch a Falling Reader by...Creating an Assessment Table
33. Catch a Falling Reader by...Becoming Proficient at Taking and Using Running Records
34. Catch a Falling Reader by...Maintaining a Parent/Teacher Journal
35. Catch a Falling Reader by...Conducting Monthly Writing Sprees
36. Catch a Falling Reader by...Matching the Right Books to the Right Reader
37. Catch a Falling Reader by...Identifying Support and Challenges Within Books
38. Catch a Falling Reader by...Gradually Releasing Responsibility to the Learner
39. Catch a Falling Reader by...Reflecting on the Way We Do Things
40. Catch a Falling Reader by...Being an Energized Teacher
41. Catch a Falling Reader by...Becoming a "Starfish Flinger"
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"Filled with a ton of easy-to-implement strategies that will make reading fun for ALL readers! Inspiring…makes you want to become a better teacher!"

Tracy Carbone, Literacy Facilitator
Villa Heights Elementary, Charlotte, NC

"The author's engaging voice and the book's reader-friendly format, solid research, and theory-based advice and suggestions combine to make a terrific teacher resource."

Lettie K. Albright, Associate Professor of Reading
Texas Woman's University

"Any teacher will benefit from reading this book and having resources for where to go to learn more about these concepts."

Ganna Maymind, First-Grade Teacher
Asher Holmes Elementary School, Morganville, NJ

"A book dedicated to teachers who care about all kids and want to be effective teachers of struggling readers. This is definitely a book all teachers and administrators should read, tab, and keep handy on their desks."

Susan Bolte, Principal
Providence Elementary, Aubrey, TX

"Well organized, with many suggestions or ideas that can be used in any classroom. The book goes beyond the five components of literacy to the practices that effective teachers are striving for each and every day."

Laura Linde, Literacy Coach
Hoover Elementary, North Mankato, MN

"These strategies and suggestions will be easy to implement in the classroom. Teachers will appreciate that!"

Denise Carlson, Third-Grade Teacher
Gilbert Elementary School, Story City, IA

"Hebert is a literacy luminary in our nation today. In this book, she provides the inspiration, moral purpose, and practical strategies that will help parents and teachers throughout the country develop a generation of lifelong readers, writers, and thinkers. The message throughout the book is that every child can succeed."

Gaeton F. Stella, Superintendent
Woodbridge School District, CT

“In our busy professional lives, we often do not have the time to read all we should about our craft. This book fits the practitioner's style and life, providing gentle reminders, new ideas, and thought-provoking strategies in a user friendly format.”

Joanne D. Beekley, Principal
Essex Elementary School, CT

"The feel good guide of the year for teachers and parents who tirelessly strive for new heights of mastery in their children's comprehension of the written word. Strategies for immediate improvement with parables for success in life...a must-read!"

Michael Boehm, Business Development Manager, North Region
America's Choice, Inc.

"Hebert's book is as engaging as her personality. It grabs you with everyday examples that have become her hallmark, enabling the reader to see the analogy and think about change."

Suzanne Marotta, Superintendent
West Springfield Public Schools, MA

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