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Building Effective Learning Communities

Building Effective Learning Communities
Strategies for Leadership, Learning, & Collaboration

August 2005 | 200 pages | Corwin
This book enables prospective and practising school and district leaders, teacher leaders, and other educational leaders to learn the skills needed to create collaborative learning communities in which high academic standards are achieved for all. Sullivan and Glanz put forth a framework centered on reflective practice that will help schools to join high academic standards with a collaborative learning community.
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Part I. Preparing for Leadership: Focusing on the Personal
1. Reaching Our Common Goal: High Achievement for All Children
2. Leadership and Self-Knowledge
3. Let Us Learn
4. Developing a Personal Vision Statement for Building and Sustaining Leadership
Part II. Building a Learning Community and a Community of Learners: Strategies and Techniques
5. Bridging the Personal and the Interpersonal
6. Getting Started: Setting the Tone
7. Getting There
8. Pulling It Together
Resource: The Problematic Student

"The authors frame the chapters in a logical and clear organization so that a busy superintendent can pick up the book after several days and regain context and content. They provide solid research and real-life context to their work through examples and vignettes."

The School Administrator, February 2006

"Sullivan and Glanz have written an integrative book that encompasses the values of educational leadership, educational psychology, and communication skills."

PsycCRITIQUES, February 2006

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Chapter 1: Reaching Our Common Goal