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Best Practices for Teacher Leadership

Best Practices for Teacher Leadership
What Award-Winning Teachers Do for Their Professional Learning Communities

May 2006 | 192 pages | Corwin
The most dynamic educational leaders today often are the teacher leaders working in classrooms. Throwing their classroom doors wide open to learners, peer colleagues, families, and community alike, today's teacher leaders are always on the lookout for ways to enhance their teaching practice - through the use of new technologies, through professional development, through discovering and sharing the talents of the people living in their surrounding communities.

In this new collection of stories by award-winning teacher leaders, authors Randi Stone and Prudence H. Cuper recognize the unique ways in which teachers serve as leaders within their schools and communities. The 41 stories in this volume will prove inspirational to all readers.

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1. Leading Through Collaboration With Colleagues
Excellence in Education

Operation (Help Me!) Collaboration: Or How I Survived My First Years of Teaching

Professional Collaboration Within An Inclusive Classroom Setting: How to Make It Work

Using Staff Development to Implement a Schoolwide Reading Goal

Statewide Teacher Training Networks

Structured Freedom: Successful Schools Through Collaborative Learning Communities

Lifelong Teaching and Learning

Scopes Trial and Error: A Lesson in Integrated Teaching

Staff Development Initiatives Within Faculty Groups

2. Involving Community and Families
Pioneer Days at Bowers Elementary School

Using School/Community Partnerships to Teach History, Heroism, and Heritage

Finding Your Lost Dutchman Mine

The Three “Cs” in Education: A Classroom, a Community, and Collaboration

Parent Involvement

Let’s Take It Outside: Creating a Community Learning Environment

Effective Parent Involvement in the Classroom

Billy: Every Family Is a Special Family

3. Encouraging Hands-On Learning in Science and Technology
Students and Research: Using Students to Create a Science Research Program

CELLLSS (Creating Experiences in Life, Learning, and Laboratory Science Skills) for Girls: Turning Middle and High School Girls On to Science

Voyaging Through Curriculum

Teaming Up for Success

Growing Community Ties Through Gardening

Online Collaboration Benefits Students and Teachers: Classrooms Across the World

Education Technology: Issues, Trends, and Leadership

Promoting Student Interest in Life Science and Technology by Making Students Active Learners

4. Mentoring and Sharing Professional Development
Give Me an “H”: Homework Strategies

Team Teaching From Two Perspectives

Enriching and Extending Teaching Through Professional Conferences

Leading and Modeling Staff Development Initiatives Within Faculty Groups and Within the School

Developing Interest in Reading Strategies Inside the Teaching Community

Teaching Is Not a Solitary Profession

Professional Development: A Life-Changing Event

5. Teaching With Passion
Leading Through Excitement

Peeking Through My Door

The Music Underlying the Words: Classroom Climate

Thank You, Mrs. Woodford

They Believe

Perception, Focus, and Attitude: Teachers Leading the Way

Accepting the Challenge

6. Empowering Students as Leaders
Each One, Teach One

To Russia With Love

Using Children’s Books in the High School Setting


"Three cheers for this wonderful book of stories from award winning teachers who are making a difference everyday in their classrooms around the country! These remarkable teacher leaders have much to share. Involving parents, building and implementing incredible learning projects, collaborating with colleagues, nurturing the gifts that each students brings, and above all, seeing the world through the eyes of a  child, will have you wishing the stories that illustrate their 'how-to' great adventures would never end. This important book recognizes and celebrates regular classroom teachers who are performing everyday miracles. We need to spread the word about our successes! What gifted teachers! What a great read!

Candy Beal, Associate Professor, Middle Grades Education
College of Education, NC State University

"Knowledgeable advice in an engaging format. Personal essays shed light on topics important to all educators desiring to positively impact their professional communities."

Curriculum Connections, Fall 2006
School Library Journal

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