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Assessment Strategies for Self-Directed Learning

Assessment Strategies for Self-Directed Learning

  • Arthur L. Costa - Professor Emeritus, California State University, Sacramento, Institute for Intelligent Behavior, Co-founder
  • Bena Kallick - Vice President, Professional Development Services, Performance Pathways

February 2004 | 192 pages | Corwin
A new volume for the Experts In Assessment series focusing on assessing students' abilities as self-directed learners. Self-directed learners are defined as self-managing, self-monitoring, and self-modifying. These three dispositions need to be assessed to determine if they are being internalized and habituated over time. Arthur L Costa and Bena Kallick use "triangulation" to ensure that the assessment system is balanced and complete. Assessment "triangulation" consists of knowledge, performance, and demonstration.

This book promises to gain a lot of interest and attention merely by the fact that it is authored by the Habits of Mind experts.

Series Editors' Introduction
About the Author
1. Why We Need Self-Directed Learners
2. The Intellectual Dispositions of Self-Directed Learners
3. Developing the Capacity for Self-Assessment
4. Assessing the Conditions for Self-Directed Learning
5. The Teacher's Role in Self-Directed Learning
6. Adapting the Assessment Strategies for Your School and Classroom
Resource A: Some Quotes About Self-Direction
Resource B: Selected Resources to Support Self-Directed Learning

"How much do students really love to learn, to persist, to passionately attach a problem or a task? watch some of their prized ideas explode and to start anew? go beyond being merely dutiful or long-winded? Let us assess such things."

Grant Wiggins
Grant Wiggins & Associates

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ISBN: 9780761938712

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